David Perry Launches Eponymous Jewelry Line "Perry"

David Perry Launches Eponymous Jewelry Line "Perry"

Finding good jewelry brands for men can prove a task more arduous than most.

It seems like the only options are vintage silver pieces or higher-end brands such as Chrome Hearts or Cartier - brands with strong stylized brand identities. Designer, David Perry has sought to carve out a new niche in men's jewelry with the recent launch of his eponymously named label. Perry seeks to offer a refined and luxury point of view to the jewelry market with its thought out design and craftsmanship. What sets Perry apart from the pack is the custom jewelry feeling without having to go directly to a jeweler for custom specs. After speaking with David about his new line, he stressed the importance of authenticity - an important element in the genesis of his brand. As someone who originally wanted to design for himself, David's story is as relatable as it is inspiring. 

Be sure to read the full interview about the line and David's design process below. 

Name: David Perry

Age: 27

Occupation: Designer, Athlete, Consultant 

Location: NY, NY, originally from Boulder, Colorado 

 For those who aren't familiar with David Perry, how would you describe yourself and your design history?

 “I’m a runner, designer, and entrepreneur. My career begins in athletics. I ran D1 in the NCAA and have found myself now running marathons at as a sub-elite pro. 

 I started my design career with BLK RBN, pronounced “Black Ribbon”, my running apparel brand. BLK RBN was my take on athletic clothing for men. From there it launched my career working with brands like Thom Browne and Adidas. Jewelry has always been a love of mine, so Perry is a manifestation of my time as a designer and athlete.”

 Tell us about your new jewelry line "Perry," and the design elements that surround the brand.

 “Perry is, of course, born from my last name. I design everything in gold first. I grew up with an Italian mother who always wore 24k yellow gold and just always wanted some of my own. I build things based on my needs as a male. I don’t believe any brand offers the same simplicity in design with uncompromising quality. My designs always begin in 18k gold and every piece has a diamond embedded. I want more men to be comfortable with gold and diamonds.”

 In terms of craftsmanship, what is the process of designing jewelry like?

 “I’m shit at sketching but I always take a stab. I then work hand in hand with my maker and diamond dealer to design, CAD and source everything that goes into my pieces. My team is the best, all NYC based. The stones come from sustainable mines my dealer has access to. Every ring and chain is made to order here in NYC and hand engraved with “Perry” on the outside of the pieces.”

 What inspired you to choose the route of jewelry design over other mediums?

 “Jewelry is an accessory for every day. There are no seasons, so designing into a fashion calendar is irrelevant. I also have always thought the plated gold coming from fashion houses was cheap and trash. There is no brand in jewelry that speaks to me as a dude who’s into fashion, wants to invest in a ring, necklace, or bracelet, and is providing value both in design and brand. So I said fuck it, I’m gonna be that guy.”

 With the variety of men’s jewelry brands and price points out there, where does “Perry” sit in that conversation?

 “I’m transparent about what I offer. I tell on my product descriptions about the thickness of chains, types of metal, and ratings of diamonds. I provide huge value just as a transparent partner for that. But I work with good ingredients and that shit is not cheap. I aspire for Perry to sit in a conversation with Chrome Hearts, but time will tell.”

 Where are you producing your line, and where will it be available for purchase? 

 “Everything is made to order in NYC, with a two-week turnaround (most brands are 4-6weeks). The brand is only online for now but I’m working with retailers in Portland, LA, NYC, and London to have a touchpoint in those cities.”


 What are some of your favorite pieces in the collection and why? 

 “The David Ring is my favorite. It’s an 8mm band, with a crown of diamonds on the side of the shank. It’s a half-ounce of gold and a full carat of diamonds. It was my first design. 

I also love Everett chain. It’s a best-seller. A double rope chain with a toggle clasp. It’s elevated, and two chains in one.”

 Looking ahead to the end of 2019 going into 2020, what are some of the aspirations for Perry?

 “I’m going to be working with more stones, like black diamonds, and rubies. I want to push things, and get more people comfortable wearing jewelry. I have a lot of pro athletes in it already so I’m doing everything I can to support them and make sure there are pieces in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.”

 Lastly, if you had any advice or food for thought surrounding designing and owning your label what would that be? 

 “Just do shit with purpose. If there is a purpose behind your brand, you can’t lose. Also, own up to your fuck-ups and failures. Learn from it, shake that shit off, and keep going.” 

Perry is currently available for pre-order on his website https://perry.jewelry/shop

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