BARE KNUCKLES Presents Collection 2

BARE KNUCKLES Presents Collection 2

Following their highly successful first collection, released in May of 2018, Jacob Keller & Cole McBride are back with the latest line for their Portland-based brand, BARE KNUCKLES. Collection 2 builds upon their first by offering updated cuts, washes, and new fabrics. Their popular striped denim jacket has received the grey treatment, with an updated color-way and matching trousers. The hoodies and tees are first pigment dyed and are then sun-dried on the roof of the factory for 3 days to create genuine fading. Tees are single-stitched, paying homage to vintage tees from the '80s & '90s, a medium that both designers have always been inspired by. The cropped cashmere sweaters are double knitted; the denim has been washed in enzymes & clay to give each pair a unique patina. Every piece in the collection is constructed of Japanese fabric and manufactured in Los Angeles. In addition to clothing, BARE KNUCKLES offer branded jewelry this season, made from .925 sterling silver, featuring BK rings, necklace, and earrings.

Keller & McBride have expanded their offering and developed a similar but different aesthetic for Collection 2. Featured in our Top Designers to Watch in 2019, the duo lives up to their title.

Be sure to swipe through the entire collection and see the pricing of each piece below.

Collection Two launches on on 2/10/19 at 12 PM PST. 

Safety Pin Bomber Jacket - $425

Striped Denim Jacket - $300

Cropped Cashmere Wool Sweater - $380

Mesh Tactical Vest - $190

Striped Baggy Denim - $260

Clay Washed Skinny Denim - White - $275

Clay Washed Skinny Denim - Black - $275

Tactical Cargo Pant - $350

Sun Dried Hoodie - Black - $235

Sun Dried Hoodie - White - $235

Inside Out Tee - Tan - $115

Inside Out Tee - Black - $115

Inside Out Tee - White - $115

Triple Pendant Necklace - $230

Branded Ring - $150

Single Dangle Earring - $70

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