Our Top 5 Favorite Summer Button-Ups

Our Top 5 Favorite Summer Button-Ups

As the Summer heat begins to set in we decided to share our favorite silky button-ups to beat the scorching weather all while maintaining a flex.  



Rhuigi Villasenor's SS18' Rhude collection brought us a lot of floral button-ups, but this Marlboro inspired one really takes the cake. It features just the right amount of branding, a solid color base, and just a dash of palm trees to give it that California cool effect. So whether you are pulling up in a murdered out G-Wagon or cruising around on your bicycle at least with this shirt you will always be pulling up in style @rhuigi




Supreme has a vast variety or rayon button up shirts from various seasons within their archive, but this Public Enemy collaborative button up with Undercover from this most recent season is absolute flames. It comes in red, black, and green (pictured) and hits resale points around $250-$300. As per usual, this shirt sold out in seconds so finding it can be a challenge, but I am sure you can finesse a deal on Grailed or Stock X. 


John Elliott


John Elliott is not typically known for "statement" pieces, but this subtle poppy floral button up has all the key features that make it simply one of the best floral shirts from S/S 18. Sometimes floral shirts can get a little crazy with their loud ass prints, so finding the right balance can be difficult. However, this shirt from John Elliott has a clean solid base color with just the right amount of floral that keeps it lowkey but still unique. So if you aren't ready to go full Gucci floral on em' and wanna look nice on a budget, look no further than this poppy floral. 




Whoever thought that an all-over print silk shirt could be one of the more subtle pieces from a high-end fashion brand? Well, this silk button up from Virgil Abloh's Off-White is exactly that. This island floral comes in two colors and has a very subtle "Off-White" logo throughout. Whether you wanna flex on vacation or just a casual Summer night look no further. This is the perfect symphony of fuccboi and Hawaiian tourist. 




This article would not be complete without adding a silk Gucci shirt as one of our top picks. The Italian luxury brand under creative director Alessandro Michele has produced some of the most sought-after silk shirts on the market today. The quality and all over print make for a perfect Summer button up that adds both a statement and luxury look to your cabana beach aesthetic. Obviously tipping the price point scale, Gucci silk shirt go for around $1200 and sadly Gucci Don't Go on Sale! 

Sacai x Nike Hybrid Collection

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