Our 5 Favorite Spring Flannels

Our 5 Favorite Spring Flannels

With the weather finally starting to warm up, its time to shed some layers and put away those puffer jackets and start copping some flannels. With that being said, we narrowed it down to 5 of the most unique and highest quality flannels on the market. Be sure to check out some of our favorites below.

Greg Lauren


Greg Lauren is simply a master when it comes to flannels. Using a unique mix of vintage flannels, french terries, and denim patchwork details, Greg Lauren has crafted one of the most versatile and unique flannels on the market. Usually equipped with oversized sleeves and front pockets, this flannel is an ideal substitute for a light jacket because it is a perfect clash of a hoodie and a flannel that will keep you warm, hold your wallet, and help you flex while being functional. Greg Lauren flannels are usually on the pricier side depending on the number of details that goes into each flannel, typically ranging anywhere from $400-$1,000 USD. Buy Greg, you won't regret it. 




Similarly to Greg Lauren, Needles 7-cut flannels are a culmination of 7 uniquely printed flannels that are cut up and re-stitched together to create a flannel, Frankenstein. It is a statement piece that goes with a variety of aesthetics whether it be a Japanese look with Visvims or a skinny Hedi Slimane look with boots. A Needles flannel ranges anywhere from $300-$400, which is not terrible considering the details and the Japanese craftsmenship. Once you have the basics down it is definitely a good idea to get a statement piece that you can rotate in to keep it fresh, and I think that you can't go wrong with a Needles or a Greg Lauren flannel for that purpose. 




Mike Amiri has really filled the void that Hedi Slimane left in the fashion world upon departing from Saint Laurent in 2016, especially when it comes to his shirting. Amiri flannels are a grungier version of a Saint Laurent flannel, which features frayed ends, silver button snaps, and a wide range of colors. Retailing at $625, Amiri flannels fall on the pricier side but for good reason. With most of the fabrics being sourced from the same factories as Celine, Channel, and Prada the quality mixed with LA manufacturing creates that luxury grunge effect that Amiri has prided on since its inception. Not a bad option for high-quality flannels you can wear every day.


John Elliott


If you are looking for a simple flannel with great quality on a budget look no further than John Elliott. Retailing at a very reasonable $250 USD, John Elliot flannels are probably the most bang for your buck on this entire list. They feature a slim cut with an array of essential color options which make them an easy choice when looking for a couple of every day flannels. Clean patterns, great prices, and made in the USA, what else could you possibly want?


Saint Laurent


Even without Hedi, Saint Laurent flannels remain a classic staple that is undoubtedly one of the highest quality flannels you can buy. Their choice of patterns and exquisite tailoring helps set them apart from a seemingly basic flannel shirt. While the retail sits at a pricey $725, we would recommend looking on Grailed for a Hedi-Era flannel so it will hold its value better and well because Hedi is a God. But if you don't want to buy used, Saint Laurent's latest SS 18' offering isn't too shabby at all. 

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