Let's talk Interior Design

Let's talk Interior Design

So you finally moved out of your parent's house, got a decent job, and found a shoebox to call home, so now what? Well, it is time to organize, decorate, and convince your house guests that you are successful and have your shit together. Having your own place can be a very exciting thing because now you have control of everything that is placed in your new home. You want to create a space you can be proud of, call home, and show off your different interests and passions. We at the FMFHQ know that it can be difficult to start curating a space once moving into a new home because of all the options and possibilities, so we decided to put up this guide to get you on the right path. Your new home should be comfortable and a direct representation of you, so we hope you can apply some of our suggestions and make it your own. 

Skate Decks as Wall Art

This has become probably the hottest trend for a bachelor pad ever thanks to the over-saturation of Hypebeast's Instagram, but it is still something that we think is cool to a certain extent. To put up your favorite Preme decks that you overpaid for and call yourself an "interior designer" is fucking ridiculous, but there is something to be said for skateboard wall art. It pays homage to you trying to learn to kickflip back when all the cool kids skated, and it also shows your respect to the skate culture's place in fashion. I'm sure many of you grew up skating or got into it through Supreme or Tony Hawk's "Underground 2," so paying homage is reason enough to nail skate decks into your wall (I guess). I think the fascination with skate deck wall art comes from the 3-dimensional aspect that a skate deck adds to your wall. It isn't just a framed image or poster, but something that usually serves a different purpose. So if you are going to put up some skate decks in your new apartment or home, be sure to have some variety and don't just rack out on Supreme skate decks, unless they really mean something to you (collaborations with a real artist). 


Shelf Accessories

Whoever thought men in their 20's-30's would be collecting fucking figurines? Well thanks to Kaws, it has almost become a shelf staple for any dude who is into #fashion. Just some advice, you don't need every Kaws or Bearbrick figurine to have a lit apartment, less is more in this department. You don't want to overcrowd your shelf space, so be selective and keep it minimal. But shit if you have space just cop an entire Kaws army fam.

Some other good shelf accessories include some nicely framed pictures, Supreme accessories (not all of them chill), and if you are really classy maybe a nice decanter for your favorite whiskey. 


Coffee Table Books

We have discussed the importance of coffee table boks before, but we are just here to reiterate some of the advantages to having some awesome coffee table books. Just how your clothes say a little bit about you, what you choose to have in your library and on your coffee table is a direct reflection of your interests. So naturally, you will most likely have a variety of your favorite designer's books, maybe some photography books, and or something related to Kanye West. Some of my favorites in my personal collection include Rick Owen's Furniture book, the Kaws book, 032c's Helmut Lang edition magazine, Stylezietgiest (any volume), Highsnobiety magazines, and Surface Magazines. So take a break from copping jawnz, and cop some lit coffee table books so you can at least seem more like an adult. 



By greenery, I don't mean start trapping loud out of your shoebox apartment, but I do mean is cop some plants that do well in low light and don't need too much water. If your apartment mainly consists of white, adding a nice potted plants can really compliment your otherwise desolate apartment. I don't really know why plants add so much life to a space, but after seeing thousands of interior design postings on Tumblr featuring plants, I am sure that greenery in a space is an absolute necessity. 


Wall Art

So if skate decks as wall art aren't really your thing, then there is only one other way to go. Wall art can vary from a poster you bought at the MOMA, or it could be an original Basquiat (if you have that trust fund cash-y). Having good wall art really comes down to selecting the right piece that you love and represents you, while also filling the wall you have selected to hang your masterpiece on. Spacing and how the poster/picture is framed is very important, so be sure you do your measurements and place accordingly. My personal choice was a Jackson Pollack print from the MOMA (first image). 


Jawn Storage

@grailed HQ

@grailed HQ

Alright so now you have some coffee table books, some cool wall art/skate decks, a potted plant, and some shelf accessories, now the final step is to make sure your precious clothes are taken care of and displayed nicely. My apartment basically looks like a mini boutique because I have a free standing rack (similar to the image above) and a shelf above it which houses a couple pairs of shoes I like to have out for others to see. I use my clothing as an art installation booth because it is my favorite form of art, plus it is fun to have fellow jawn enthusiasts take a look at all my fire jawnz. But in all seriousness, you should make sure to have good hangers (preferably wood), a nice dresser, and if you are like me, a nice free standing rack. 

We hope this guide inspired you to clean up your place and start curating your new home accordingly. Some other last minute house keeping suggestions would be to get a nice rug, a sturdy coffee table, and light fixtures to brighten up the place. Remember it's not about just having nice clothes, it's about having a nice place to house your clothes. 

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