*OBSERVATIONS No. 1 by Adrian Noir

*OBSERVATIONS No. 1 by Adrian Noir

Our good friend Adrian Noir, a full-time model turned self taught fashion designer, just released his first collection under his brand entitled *OBSERVATIONS. We recently caught up with Adrian regarding his first collection and the process that has gone into it. Be sure to check out the full lookbook and interview below. 


Adrian: "*OBSERVATIONS is a manifestation of my mental mood board inspired by walking the streets day to day, really all over the place but especially in New York where I'm currently based. Anywhere there are people, there are clothes and I tend to be inspired by both the art of fashion and the effortless casual styles you see just walking the streets."

FMF: How has the process of designing your own collection been?

Adrian: "Oh man, a process it has been. (haha)

It was a serious learning curve in experiencing the obstacles that can arise in trying to get your vision out in its best possible form, especially while establishing relationships with the factories and having to work with others to make your idea come to life. It was a lot of trial and error but in the long run, things went well and moving forward a lot more things are in place and the process is not so experimental for us."

FMF: What has been the most fun and the most challenging part about designing?

Adrian: "The most fun is when the team is in the circle brainstorming; just innovating and coming up with ideas or strategies. Whether that be building on my designs/concepts or figuring out a way over the current obstacle to get to the next level."

I'd say the most challenging part is making all my craziness understood and overall just fluid for the current project. I wake up day to day with a new feeling and new inspirations, so making it come together in a seamless way for the (current) collection's sake and the brand's sake is quite a challenge I didn't initially anticipate."

FMF: What are your inspirations for this first collection?

Adrian: "I was inspired by the elegant turn the streetwear world has recently taken. Although I wouldn't really categorize us there, I decided to do my own take on elegance with staple casual garments. Denim jackets, hoodies, crewnecks, t-shirts, etc..."

FMF: What is your personal favorite piece in the collection if any?

Adrian: "My favorite is definitely the 'Black Dahlia' lace denim jacket. The lace fused to the denim was the perfect combination of elegant detail to a classic staple."

FMF: What does the future hold for you as well as *OBSERVATIONS?

Adrian: "As we build ourselves to be reputable and a notable presence in the fashion community, we hope to bring in as much innovation as we can. The reason I say hope is because it can be challenging to consistently do so in an industry with so much history and constant innovation. Some things I'm absolutely sure can be expected of us is consistent progression and diversity. With our collections being based around something as broad as day to day observation, we have plenty of leeways to channel different expressions and style which we plan on taking advantage of."

Shop the full collection now at Observations.shop



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