Amiri is becoming the most popular brand in Men's Fashion

Amiri is becoming the most popular brand in Men's Fashion

Mike Amiri's namesake label has grown significantly within the last two years. After launching exclusively at Maxfield LA, Amiri has now expanded to 91 global retailers in just two years. It is safe to say that the Amiri label is in high demand. Amiri embodies the rock n' roll luxury lifestyle by providing ripped skinny patched denim, slim fitting leather jackets, and slim cut high-heeled Chelsea boots. Luckily for Amiri, he has entered the market at an ideal time and place. With the departure of Hedi Slimane from Saint Laurent, Amiri now owns almost the entire luxe rock n' roll market. The demand for that aesthetic will always be in demand, and no one is doing it better than Amiri right now. He hasn't cut any corners in terms of quality. All of the fabrics that Amiri uses are consistent with those of Chanel and other big name houses. Amiri also has the luxury of not being a world wide mass produced house like Saint Laurent is. Although his product is in high demand and stocked worldwide, he has limited stock runs of each item. 

Amiri's Spring Summer 17' collection is currently hitting retailers and almost selling out immediately. His custom 1 of 1 concert trucker jackets nearly all sold out at a price point of $2,500 dollars. Not to say the price point isn't just because of the high-level quality, but it goes to show the growing popularity of the LA-based house. His signature stretch denim with distressing and unique patching and material use have helped Amiri denim reach the pinnacle of popularity among men's fashion consumers.

As far as the future goes, I only see up-ward trajectory for the Amiri label. With the introduction of accessories and footwear, I only see good things from the Amiri team in the coming future. 

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