Jakob Hetzer's Latest Capsule "Elbows Out"

A couple of months ago, Jakob Hetzer released his "Stable" Collection, which included mohair cardigans, denim, and sharply cut leather jackets. Now Hetzer is back with a new collection entitled "Elbows Out." The new collection is slightly different than his last, however some of the ideas Hetzer has already presented are still enveloped within this new collection. Sticking with the millitaristic style that Hetzer is known for, this new collection features minimal graphic tees, sweatshirts, and cargo shirts and trousers. The gem of the collection definitely comes in the form of the "Elbows Out" printed sweatshirt. Its' simplicity and font choice really push the attitude of the entire collection. This comes as a strong follow up and addition to his "Stable" Collection.

"Elbows Out" will be available for purchase Sunday, February 26th at shop.jakob-hetzer.com

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