Holiday 2017: The Best Gifts to Give & Receive

Holiday 2017: The Best Gifts to Give & Receive

With Christmas being a little less than 2 weeks away, that means you have to take a break from copping jawnz for yourself and think of others. We know most of you are selfish and are already plotting what to cop with your holiday cash, but we encourage you to think of others this holiday season by being thoughtful & buying some A+ Christmas gifts for your friends and family.  We decided to put together this Top 10 list of gifts to give and or receive this Holiday season. Think of this as a gift guide and a wishlist. Do you want new Holiday drip from your parents? Well, then you better give them something that will give them a reason to cop your Off-White Nike’s at resale prices. Without further adiu, we present our Top 10 gifts to give and receive this Holiday Season.

Off-White Nikes (Any Model) 


We all know you went 0/10 on the Nike App a couple of weeks back, so the elusive Nike x Off-White Sneakers are still just outside of your grasp. However, considering the multiple releases, resale value has decreased a little bit on sites like Stock X & Goat App, so they are a little bit more accessible at a resale price point than before. I know you wanna cop yourself a pair first, but be unselfish and buy your Mom a pair of size 6 Vapormaxes so after Christmas you can match your moms fly. These are a great gift to buy someone else who is thirsting after a pair desperately, or it is a good gift to ask for because let’s be real, these are the collaboration of the year. 


Apple Airpods


When they were first introduced I had my skepticism on Apple’s “AirPods,” but upon seeing them in person and taking a test drive with Lil Pump’s “Gucci Gang,” I was hooked. The AirPods are a certified banger of a gift to give and or ask for this year. They are fuctionable, modern, and somewhat trendy and they aren’t at an outrageous of a price point. At $174 USD, these guys come with a dope charging pack that fits in your pocket or Supreme crossbody bag. Just be sure not to lose these because you might have to go back to using headphones that have wires. 


iPhone X


Without a doubt, Apple’s iPhone X is at the top of our list for many reasons. The iPhone X is one of Apple’s most technologically advanced upgraded phones in the past 3 years. By adding face recognition, subtracting the home button and upgrading the camera with some amazing resolution, this iPhone has become one of the most sought after Apple products this Fall/Winter. They are basically sold out everywhere and are on backorder til January, but it would make a killer Christmas gift for anyone in your family. It will definitely be one of the pricier gifts on our list, ringing up to about $1,400 after you upgrade the memory, like who really only needs 64 GB smh. 


Supreme Accessories


Supreme accessories are a good gift year round, but Christmas time is a good opportunity to turn your flips into Gifts. You couldn’t sell your Supreme inventory on Grailed for resale, so instead gift it to your parents or your close friends. Accessories are a great gift because you don’t have to worry about buying the right size, and they are usually pretty inexpensive. We know your Dad doesn’t really need a Supreme speaker, but why not? These gifts will be much appreciated by anyone you choose to gift it to. 


Expensive Toys


Isn't it cool that you can still ask Santa for Toys for Christmas? Of course, the price point on your toys has increased 500% since you were a kid. Some great gifts include KAWS Figurines, Murakami Pillows, Number (N)ine Mickey Mouse Figurines, Bearbricks, and other small knick-knacks. These gifts are not necessarily something someone would buy for themselves due to the price point. I think it is safe to say that all of us would like to have a Murakami pillow, but who would buy themselves a $200+ plush pillow? This is why these expensive toys made the list, they are nice to have and still remind young adults that they are still kids at heart. 


Luxury Cardholders


Something’s gotta hold all of those gift cards and Christmas cash you just cleaned up on, what better than a nice leather cardholder. Your Dad’s Fossil wallet from the 80’s looking ready for retirement? Cop your Dad a sick ass Gucci cardholder with the snakes and shit on it! Cardholders are great gifts for the men in your family, or just be selfish and buy yourself one after you get that Christmas cash. Some good options include: Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Thom Browne, Saint Laurent, Goyard, and Bottega Veneta. 


Stocking Stuffers


So you don’t wanna rack out too hard but you wanna give your homie or family member some #clout for the holidays, so the best way to go is a modest designer accessory. Beanies, scarfs, socks, underwear, Gucci snowboard goggles perhaps? These items are all super nice to have and they won’t break the bank. Ranging from $25-$175 these gifts are a very nice come up that show thoughtfulness and funtionailty for your fashionable family member.  




Whether you are shopping for yourself, a girlfriend or any woman in your family, jewelry is always a good idea. Whether it be a Tiffany Necklace for your girlfriend or a Chrome Hearts ring for brother, it will be a gift that they can enjoy for years to come. Although jewelry can get pricey very quickly, you can pick and choose what is practical for that special someone. Remember fellas, the key to a women’s heart lies within the contents of a Tiffany’s blue box. Watches are always a good gift as well. You don’t have to give your Dad an iced out Patek Phillipe, but a nice entry level Rolex or Omega watch would be a killer gift as well. 

Donate to a Good Cause


The holidays are always a good time to think of others, and there is no better time to do something nice for a complete stranger. There are thousands of good charities locally and nationally that you can donate to. Not saying you have to give up your entire holiday budget, but just be conscientious of those who have less. One of my personal favorite things to donate to is Toys for Tots, because what is better than helping give children a better Christmas? Do something nice, think of others, and spread holiday cheer. That is one of the most valuable gifts you could give or revieve. 


Spending Time With Your Family


We've now been through an extravagant list of some of the most desirable gifts one could ask for / give on Christmas, but one of the greatest gifts is not something you purchase from a store. Spending time with your family is one of the most valuable things you can do this Holiday season. It isn't about the gifts or money, but it's about making memories and enjoying the people you love. So remember to take some time out of your schedule and do some holiday traditions and make some unforgettable memories this Holiday Season!

Happy Holidays from the entire FMF family! 

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