Supreme FW16 preview

The long awaited Supreme FW16 lookbook dropped and it probably gave a lot of you guys something else to finally get off to. I picked several pieces that I wanted to highlight into different categories which include; Most Hyped, Highest resale, Sleeper item, Best Tee, And best accessory. Keep in mind these are all predictions and I could be wrong as hell, but without further a do here are my picks. 

Most Hyped:

McDonalds, Beyonce and Box logos, the 3 things that no matter where you go people going to react to them, and this season is no different . With Supreme hype reaching an all time high, we mite see presidential candidates rocking bogos for the fuccboi vote. The colors this season are very dope with a never before seen peach color which is sure to break bank and necks. 


Sleeper Item:

Just like that chubby girl in high school who has a million Instagram followers now, Supreme got sleepers this season that in a few years from now they will be highly sought after. My guess for that piece is the patch work anorak pull over. I see this piece becoming grail status seasons from now.  


Highest resale:

I could easily put box logos here, but I think there are several pieces this season you can flip. The piece with the most potential to resale for more being the astronaut puffy jacket. My guess retail would be $250, but if you strike out could be looking at 450-500+.


Best Tee:

Tees are usually the most accessible of Supreme items, but my favorite goes to the Capone and Noreaga Tee. This shirt is more New York than Timbs and a Yankee fitted. Supreme loves hip hop references and they killed it with this one.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 5.29.36 PM.png


Best Accessory:

Every brick ever laid on earth is now complete trash. Wether your bashing the Ape over his head or building your hype beast castle, this brick is what we all need in our lives and Supreme supplied it. Greatness.


Enjoy and may the odds be in your favor this season.(or just get a plug)

WTB: Rick Owens Mastodon Adidas

WTB: Rick Owens Mastodon Adidas

New York City Street Style August 15th, 2016

New York City Street Style August 15th, 2016