Supreme: A Year end Review

Supreme Paris Image via Highsnobiety

The worst time of the year is upon us, and for many of us (including myself) life now has lost meaning for the next month and a half. Thursday mornings are now just a sad reminder that my life has no meaning outside of standing in line at Supreme. Now for those of you who are still checking the Supreme website hoping new items are going to show up, I think it's safe to bet your ex has a better chance of showing up... So give up and wait for something new.

In review of Supreme's SS 16' collection, I gotta admit it was one of the better seasons in recent memory, and Supreme probably reached a new apex of hype ( it's only a matter of time before your grandma is asking you about box logos). Some highlights of this season were the collabs. From the regulars such as Vans and Clarks, to the standouts like Sasquatch Fabric and Black Sabbath. It seemed like a collab was dropping every week, which was very hard on my wallet. This season we also saw the opening of Supreme Paris, which I had the real life wet dream chance of being present at. It really opened my eyes to the grand scale the brand has reached. My highlight piece from the season was the denim trucker jacket, which will sure end up being one the rarer pieces in years to come considering the current resell price reaching upwards of $700. 

Supreme Denim Trucker jacket in Pink. 

My biggest disappointment of the season definitely had to be the second drop of the North Face collaboration. These were not hard to get, and will most likely end up at your local Goodwill. 

Supreme x Northface drop #2

Overall I give this season a generous B+.

What to expect for next season: Look for some major high end collabs from Undercover and CDG, Visvim, and Brooks Brothers for you frat daddies out there. Until the first drop of next season maybe find a new hobby- learn to knit, fly a kite, or forget it  and just be real and stare at the Supreme website for the next few weeks until something new pops up like most of us will.

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