Our Top Five Picks from this Week's Supreme drop (6/9/16)

Our Top Five Picks from this Week's Supreme drop (6/9/16)


It's that time my friends! Now a bit of bad news, it's getting towards the end of the season. So there's only 2-3 Thursday's left for drops, and yes that means you have to start doing things on Thursdays now! But don't get too depressed and emotional cause this Thursday brings us PLAYBOY!!!!! I know some of you guys have had some quality encounters with Playboy (put the lotion away and pull your pants up). This week allows you to experience the bunny ears in a less desperate way, unless your like the FMF boss; Jackson Ray and you get off to clothing instead of girls (no shade just facts). But without  further wait here are my top five picks from this week's Supreme drop! 


5. Denim camp cap:

Does your hair line look like a bad geometry equation? Barber blocked your number? No worries, cover that that thing you call a haircut up with this cap. This cap is the same design, and is meant to compliment the denim zip up shirts that dropped a few weeks ago! You can't lose with this hat. 


4. Big logo Polo:

If Supreme was a fast food restaurant, we all would be fat as hell, probably diagnosed with a eating disorder, and the employees of Supreme fast food would wear these. This shirt deff gives off that classic burger joint cashier vibe. I really love this look, and if your not one for subtle branding this is for you!


3. Medeni pistol ash tray:

Spanish artist Medeni has owned this season with his art work appearing on every type of clothing item and accessory possible. This one is for the homies who smoke a pack a day and want to look even cooler. 


2. Swim shorts:

It's never too late for swim lessons! These Supreme swim shorts are summer essentials! Even if your like me who sits by the pool and never gets in (don't judge me) and still feels cool. Even if you can't swim, still cop and if you do drown, at least you went out fresh as hell.


1. Playboy shirt and shorts:

When Supreme and Playboy get together it's the wet dream of all street heads. Past Supreme x Playboy pieces have now gone on to be super sought after and have had high resell prices. This season's Playboy collab is no different and is a must cop! So next time your having an "intimate" moment with yourself with a Playboy magazine, you will now have the gear to match. I just hope you don't get it too dirty! 

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