Style Tips to beat the heat this Summer

Style Tips to beat the heat this Summer

 It's that time of year again. The long, hot and miserable 3 month style destroyer we call "Summer." Now I know everyone is excited to wear pastel shorts... Yeah fucking right! We at the FMF office understand that Summer fashion usually blows pretty hard (pause), but we are here today to give some tips to try and handle the miserable heat while still looking fly af.  

Linen and other light materials:

If you think you are going to be wearing your favorite bomber jacket this Summer, I am afraid you are mistaken. If you are going to wear any type of layers, you better make sure the materials consist of linen, viscose, light cotton, or a light cotton blend with cashmere (nice). Thin and loose garments are the only way you will survive in 90 degree weather. You can still wear your everyday black skinny jeans, but please try something new this Summer. Your style won't get any better unless you try new things. So light materials and loose fitting garments are an easy change to your wardrobe. I know baggy pants and shirts might not be your thing, but I promise you that the more airflow you get, the better. The only way you should be hot is because your outfit is fucking fire my guy.


 So basically this can be anything. Still go with those lighter materials I mentioned above, but any cotton, rayon, or linen blend will be fine for Summer time sadness. Tanks are dope, I just suggest getting a long flowy one that covers your shoulders, more like a muscle cut. Do not be that frat college douche bag who wears a bro tank to every occasion.  

If you have a solid rotation of basics, you can get into some type of graphic tees, just try and keep it simple. Band tees are cool, but don't just wear it because Jerry Lorenzo influenced the fuck out of you, wear it because you I don't know, actually listen to that particular band's music?!

If you are about that Saint Laurent boy lifestyle, you need to cop some light weight short sleeve button ups. I'm talking florals and Versace silk fam. 

For me personally, Summer tops are better if they are looser and lighter. You don't want some super fitted tee shirt that your mom painted on your body. That is just asking for pit stains. So stick with looser and boxier tops this Summer.  

Cropped Trousers/ Jeans:  

Getting as much airflow while wearing pants is very important if you are going to survive walking outside in any capacity. Personally, I have been buying more loose fitting linen trousers and just wearing them with loose fitting tops and a nice pair of low tops. Showing off some ankle is pretty badass for a Summer look. So don't be afraid to wear loose fitting pants that have a nice crop to them. If you aren't about loose pants, you can always give your skinny jeans a roll (not a fucking pinroll), or just be a savage and raw cut them at your desired length. It will at least get some airflow to your ankles, which just might help you survive in the heat. 


  Yeah that's right, I said shorts baby. I know most of you guys are too scared to show off your legs, but trust me you might just have to do it. I'm not going to lie, wearing shorts is fucking hard. It is extremely hard to find "fashionable" shorts that don't look terrible. It is truly style based. If you like more of a slim fitted look, you should look at Acne shorts because they are slimming and can be dressy or casual. You can rock with any low top sneaker and or sandals (if you're about that life). If you are team #darkfashion, you need to look at Rick Owens Pod shorts, Julius shorts, or even lesser know brands like Nilos, Plokhov, and or Damir Doma (don't buy Silent by Damir Doma). Drop crotch shorts are sweet because they don't really touch your body, so you won't have to worry about your sweaty ass soaking your shorts. Also you look like you pooped your pants, so that is sweet too. 


I am going to suggest some new things for you guys to try this Summer. I was recently put on to Sandals by Ian Campbell (one of our writers and style guru) , and I gotta admit I was timid at first, but now I am starting to come around. No I do not mean thong sandals, I'm talking about sandals with straps baby (Yohji, Ann D, Rick Owens, Dries Van Noten, Damir Doma make the best sandals). I know this isn't for everyone, but I encourage you to try something different. It's Summer man, everyone is hurting style wise, so this is your excuse to try something new. Who knows you might brick an outfit, OR you just might get a fit off. 

If you are not down with sandals, you have to have a nice rotation of low tops. These include Vans, Margiela Gats, and any basic low top really. If you suffer in the name of fashion, you can always wear your Saint Laurent boots with black denim, or pull out your Geobasketsnot Ramones (above). Just remember footwear is not going to make your outfit fire, but it can contribute in a subtle way. 

Margiela Gats 


This is VERY important. You are wearing less clothes and can't flex with your layers or sweet outerwear, so you are going to have to make up for that. RINGS are an easy way to make your outfit better. Buy some cheap silver rings, actually buy 20 and just wear all of them. Bracelets and watches aren't for everyone, but having some cool wrist wear will most definitely help you flex in the Summer. Lastly having a simple chain or necklace is always a good idea, just make sure you don't look like a rapper from the early 2000's. 


We hope some of our style tips will help you find some good garments for Summer. Don't forget to tag us in all of your outfit pics for a chance to be featured in our top outfits of the week! We want to see your Summer style! 





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