Our Top Picks from this Week's Supreme Drop (5/26/16)

Our Top Picks from this Week's Supreme Drop (5/26/16)


This preme Thursday brings us a rather limited selection of options. Now I'm not hating on those true Vans fiends who are going to still camp in line for a few hours "just for sport ," but this week should be easy cops across the board. So when your girlfriend ask you out to lunch tomorrow, you can actually be a real adult and pay for your lady, or if you are single you can have more time to do hand exercises. Without any more waiting here are my picks for the week...


4. The Debossed Tee:

Was the last time you wore Tommy Hilfiger is when your mom dressed you ? Well this is your chance to relive that! The design of the debossed T is actually the same exact font and look of a similar 90s HilfigerTee! Cop for that throwback feel.


3. Mendini accessories:

Spanish artist Mendini has been killing this season for Supreme with his well known pistol artwork popping up on several pieces. For my cig head fiends and table wear addicts this is your drop! An ash tray and table plates with Mendini designs is just that you guys need .


2. Small box logo zip up:

SURPRISE !! No your girlfriend didn't miss her period! It's the box logo zip up coming out of no where. This piece was not included in this seasons look book or preview! Wonder what else Supreme has up its sleeve * eye emoji.*


1. Vans old skool:

Oh man do I have to thing for subtle detailing. With iridescent strips and Boucle material panels, this vans collab is a hit for all types of Supreme fans. These should be an easy fit into anybody's Summer wardrobe! Unless your one of those weirdos who still wears timbs around during the Summer (only in New York lmfao). 

Top Outfits of the Week (5/22/16)

Hyped up: The New Yeezy 750 Boost colorway

Hyped up: The New Yeezy 750 Boost colorway