How to take a proper outfit pic

How to take a proper outfit pic

This needs to be addressed... Since we have began doing Outfits of the Week on FashionMovesForward, we have seen A LOT of outfits, and there seems to be some individuals that do not understand the concept of a "fit pic". The outfit picture became a very popular feature among fashion bloggers and fashion enthusiasts alike, taking to Instagram to flex their newest jawn. I am here to walk you through how to take a great outfit picture that hits all of the points that need to be done to effectively flex on the gram. 

1. Get Fitted

The whole purpose on an outfit picture is to show off your style. So getting a proper outfit is the essential first step to taking a proper outfit picture. If you look in the mirror and say well this isn't very good, or it just looks like an average outfit, do not bother trying to flex. You can use others as influence, but please do not copy exact outfits. 

2. Get someone to snap your picture

If you are going to go through the trouble of taking an outfit picture, please get someone to take your picture for you. Taking a picture in the mirror is not aesthetically pleasing, and does not do your outfit justice. Also, an outfit from above is great if you just want to show a quick picture of your sneaker, but again, it still doesn't do your outfit justice. Also, please take the picture where we can see your outfit. There is no sense of doing a far away shot where we can't even see what you are wearing...Worst case get your mom to take it for you haha. 

3. Background

This is somewhat complicated for those who do not have an urban environment near them, but don't let that stop you! There are plenty of brick walls, white walls, and / or concrete walls in the world to find a perfect spot to snap that dope fit you got on. I advise you do not take your outfit pic in front of your house in the suburbs- it just doesn't look as good! So I would suggest either a dope city scape, a blank wall, and or at your local modern art museum (because let's be real, art is dope). 

4. Use a "decent" camera

You do not have to use a professional camera! If you have one that is great and will help you with the quality of the picture, but iPhones do the trick great! Sorry Androids, I haven't seen the outfit pic quality as of yet. Just make sure it is in focus and it is a clear image.  

5. Do not use a lot of filters

Filtered outfit pictures usually destroy the quality of picture, and it does not do it justice. Using the Instagram settings to brighten and slightly editing your picture is fine, but do not go crazy with them, no one likes to see overly edited pictures.

If you would like reference to some great outfit pictures, check out our previous top 5 outfits of the week here.   

I hope these five steps will help you take fire pics for the gram. Be sure to tag us (@fashionmovesforward)  in all of your outfit pictures for a chance to be featured on the website! This applies to guys AND girls! 

Best, Jackson Ray 


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