Are you being influenced or are you imitating?

Are you being influenced or are you imitating?

This article has been in the talks for a couple of months by FMF team members and myself, but I believe it has reached its peak and it is time to be heard...

I have noticed a trend, or at least a niche, in the fashion community. I like to refer to it as hype fashion. For example, hype fashion is literally wearing anything you see on a celebrity, or basically wearing Yeezys with every single outfit you own. I noticed this most at the Yeezy Season 3 / The Life Of Pablo presentation I attended last month. The team and I had a discussion the day before about what we were going to wear, and we all agreed on one thing... NO YEEZYS. We got decked out in Rick Owens, Saint Laurent, and other designer garms that lames wouldn't know about. When we pulled up to the function, we saw exactly what we expected to- Yeezys on every foot, Fear of God layering and Off- White stripes everywhere. 

Now let me make this clear.. There is nothing wrong with Yeezys, Fear of God and Off-White. I love all three of those brands because of their design, as well as the designers behind them. BUT WHEN YOU WEAR THEM ALL TOGETHER AND THROW ON YEEZYS, YOU LITERALLY LOOK LIKE JUSTIN BIEBER JUST TOOK A SHIT. That is basically saying I like everything Kanye likes, and I am going to wear them exactly how the internet told me to. 

There are select outfits that are different enough that can pull it off, but my problem is that Kanye related fashion is such a slim view of the entire fashion world. Kanye did bring fashion to the masses through music, but the problem with that is most people don't realize is that Alexander Wang's quality is trash (a famous designer Ye name dropped in New Slaves), but they continue to wear it because Kanye co-signed it. 

For example, one of my good friends, FMF team member, and lord of sweatshirts @zatchstorm, copped the Vetements "Coming Soon" Titanic hoodie (pictured blow). I am not even just saying this, but literally he had it for like a week and a half and then Tyga and other celebs were seen wearing it, then the Instagram famous community began to flood with pictures of them in Vetements hoodies. Zach bought the hoodie because in his opinion "Demna makes the GOAT of all hoodies," it's hella cozy and he loves the fact that Vetements is mock of the fashion world because it is fucking stupid oversized hoodies on the runway. Zach loves trolling and fashion (that's his steeze).  Now everyone is wearing oversized hoodies, mispronouncing Vetements, and not even realizing that it is a women's hoodie. It's like people don't even pay attention to what they are buying. Like if I'm going to drop $800 on a hoodie, I am going to know where the designer was born and where he/she went to elementary school. 


So I brought up Justin Bieber earlier, lets get back to how he falls into this. So since everyone and their moms loves Justin Bieber now because of his new "I'm Sorry" lifestyle, people have been paying attention to how he dresses more than ever. 

Literally every Instagram "fashion account" 

Literally every Instagram "fashion account" 

Here is a breakdown of what Justin Bieber wears, and ONLY wears. 

Off-White hoodies

Fear of God 4th Colllection Denim

Fear Of God tanks



Literally this is his entire closet in 5 lines of this article. He has been praised for his new so called "style". Even Complex named his style the best among celebrities. Like are you serious fam? He wears the same damn jeans and James Perse hat! But now since he is loved and is gaining notoriety for his style, people are beginning to take hold of the Justin Bieber style, which is of course consists of Kanye West co-signs. I will give Bieber this, at least this is way better than Supra era JBiebs.

I personally am trying to move away from Kanye-related fashion. I have a pair of Yeezys, but I hardly wear them unless i'm going to be walking around a lot. I do not wear them to stunt, I would rather pull up in some in some insane Rick Owens boots, or Saint Laurent boots and flex quality on fuccbois. I love Off-White tees because they are good quality and have dope graphics, but I try to wear them tucked in, or underneath jackets. I am not trying to show the world my strizipes like most hypelames.

My main message in this rant is that don't just wear fits that Yeezy or JBiebs wears. The Kanye related fashion is such a slim view of the fashion industry. Don't let the internet completely dress you. You can take what it gives you and let it inspire you to find your own personal style. Fashion is a learning experience, and just like this website, it is always growing and evolving. I will admit that Kanye has had a big influence on the culture and even myself, but it shouldn't influence everything you wear, and or think. 

"See I invented Kanye, there wasn't any Kanyes, and now I look and look around and there is so many Kanyes." - "I love Kanye"

Best, Jackson Ray 


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