The Trials and Tribulations of copping Yeezys

The Trials and Tribulations of copping Yeezys

Dear Kanye West and Adidas,

For once in my life, I thought I would get lucky and be able to cop sneakers I desperately wanted online, but it seems lady luck doesn't really have love for me.

First online release I remember everyone thirsting over, was the Air Jordan 11/12 CDP release. Sadly they sold out, and I wasn't able to cop, but I saved up all my Christmas money to buy them off of eBay. I've tried over and over again, and I have never been able to cop online. You would think over the years sites like Footlocker, Eastbay, Finishline, Footaction and Champs Sports would do something about their servers being so shitty, but they don't.

So when the news of the Pirate Blacks restocking and double quantity came out, I thought I finally had my shot. I signed up for raffles galore and setup accounts for Footlocker, Eastbay, PacSun, Footaction and Champs Sports so I can expedite the checkout process. 

The 8 A.M. sites provided nothing, but I still had hope for the adidas site.

Ya servers are trash

I had backdoor links supplied by the fine people of KTT (Free Daff) and I was set. I came into school just waiting for that Tweet from adidas. I was on a Skype conference call with KTT pals (Free Daff) looking for any other possible backdoor links. 

The measures I have to go through just to get a whiff at buying the sneakers. I felt a little dirty actually. I felt like I sold my soul to the sneaker devil for a chance at glory. I just want to wear the kicks. I never at one point thought about reselling them. I wanted to put them on my mantle next to all my Yeezus merch and Kanye albums as a trophy. went live and I was waiting to be put into the room. After 30 minutes, I got in but was met an inventory error check. Now we all played the waiting game for that Adidas tweet. 

My heart raced when the tweet went out live. I was able to pick my size 11 and add to cart, page timed out. I used one of the backdoor links and I got my size added instantly to the cart. I was shaking in anticipatory excitement that I was finally going to cop Yeezys.

Every time I clicked next, my heart pounded faster and faster. Could it actually be happening? Will I, the biggest Kanye fan in the world (I don't care what you have to say, no one is a bigger fan than me) finally be able to stunt in Yeezys?

Checkout & Pay

Next link to click on to finalize


I was waiting... My heart pounding, shaking as if I was in a car accident. I was having a out of body experience at this moment. I seen myself shaking going through the checkout process.

Had another window open trying to go through the same checkout process just in case the original tab timed out. One backdoor link and legit link. I thought I was set. Until I got hit with an error message for both tabs.

I opened four more tabs with that backdoor link. Fuck a fair one, ski-mask all the way for this. I needed these. Same error message. Then my dumbass decided to check my bank account.



- -                                                                                                                 -$217.75


Then my excitement was stifled, I was charged 6 times for a total $1,306.50. But where is the email? Maybe it got sent to spam? Not in spam, what in the name of Yeezus Christ was going on.


I called adidas customer service ASAP to fix it. I didn't want them to cancel my order. After 45 minutes on hold with the same "You can not make phone purchases the Kanye West Yeezy 350 Boost. You will need to visit for updates." message playing every 5 minutes. The recording was tormenting me.

After 45 minutes of talking with my some classmates trying to sell off the multiple pairs I was charged for. I just wanted my money back, telling the fine people in the library $220.

I finally got through. Told them I only intended to purchase one pair, I am not a reseller, I just want one pair. 

I put a lot on emphasis on the fact I was not a reseller.

The customer rep told me none of the purchases went through. I would be getting my money back and I had to call my bank. Made the call of shame to Chase to get my money back. I tried one more time with that backdoor link, added to cart, but during checkout I was shot down once more.

Welcome to Heartbreak.

I didn't get to cop the Pirate Blacks today, my last resort is raffles, and the lowest of the low, go to a reseller. It was a sad day, even made more depressing by the fact that a friend of mine who isn't even a sneakerhead was able to purchase using LTE on his iPhone from his job site. I'm geniuely happy for him.

I love Kanye and still haven't been able to cop any sneaker Ye has ever released. Maybe it's not meant to be, maybe I'll win a raffle, maybe I'll bump into Ye in the city and he can get me pair. Whatever the future holds for me, I'll never stop trying to cop Yeezys. 

-Jon Serrano

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