10 Items worthy of your Holiday Cash

So the holidays are over, and you really cleaned up from all of your family members that love you dearly. You know what that means? You now have enough funds to cop something fire instead of wearing the same clothes you copped off the sale rack 6 months ago. We at the Fashion Moves Forward office do a lot of online shopping, so we decided to narrow it down to 10 new items that we think you should be looking at. We know that cash is burning a hole in your designer pockets, so it's time to cash out on some of the newest fire available. If you can't find anything you are really into here, be sure to check out Finds of The Week to find some steals on the second hand market. 

#1. The Rye Decker Debbie Belt

The Rye Decker Debbie belt is one of the dopest belts on the market because of its simple, yet perfectly executed design. Retailing at a humble $45, it is an easy cop, especially since you are now rolling in Holiday dough. 


#2. Kappa Sweatpants

Kappa Sportswear has had a brand revitalization due to its recent collaboration with Gosha Rubchinskiy. You can rock these with a simple pair of Vans or Jordan's and still look hella fly while remaining comfortable as fuck. A good cop for the low. 


#3. Off-White Mirror Mirror Tee

Off-White's newest collection "Mirror Mirror" is now hitting retailers worldwide. This logo tee is one of the dopest tees Virgil has put out within the last year. Its graphic reminds me of an older "Resident Evil" video game, which is dope because who doesn't love shooting zombies in a bowling alley arcade? In all seriousness, this tee is straight fire and will be dope for this upcoming Spring. 


#4. Jakob Hetzer Mohair Cardigan

Jakob Hetzer's "Stable" collection has brought us some dope staples, but none better than this orange mohair cardigan. Adding some fuzzy texture as a layer piece, or as a standout piece alone is definitely a good idea. Orange has also been very popular in fashion as of late, so this color way is ideal.  This color goes really well with grey and other light colors. 


#5. Chapter Claus Trouser

Chapter is back with some bangers in the world of cropped trousers. These grey wool trousers are an essential in any wardrobe. Rock these with white sneakers (pictured) or even a nice pair of tall boots. A very versitile piece that will get lots of use. 


#6. Enfants Riches Deprimes Sweatshirt

For all of my depressed rockstar kids out there, Enfants Riches Deprimes is definitely the way to go. This sweatshirt features one of the dopest graphics of the season. The natural color of this sweatshirt makes it one of the most everyday sweatshirts in your arsenal. Light of black denim is the way to go. 


#7. POLYTHENE OPTICS* Sweatshirt

Samuel Ross's recently launched POLYTHENE OPTICS* holds all the ideas of it's parent label A-COLD-WALL*, but contains more of a casual streetwear aesthetic. This washed orange hoodie is super dope and is a good entry level piece into the British streetwear scene. 


#8. 11 by BBS Socks

I know your Mom probably copped you enough socks to last the rest of your lifetime, but she didn't cop you THESE BBS 11 socks though. For all my goth streetwear skaters, these socks are truly essential. 


#9. Thom Browne Cardholder

I know you guys are about to spend ALL of your cash, so why not buy a nice cardholder to hold your cards that have 0 money on them. This Thom Browne cardholder features a beautiful pebbled leather and the signature Thom 3 stripes. A very good cop indeed. 


#10. RHUDE Rhacer Hoodie

My boy Rhuigi's "Electric Earth" collection is now available at Barneys, so now is the time to start copping before it sells out. The Rhude Rhacer hoodie is certainly a gem in the collection. 

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WTB: Helmut Lang Mummy Pants