Street Style: A Closer Look

Welcome to Street Style: A Closer Look. This is a new section that we will be featuring some of our favorite people that we have street styled in New York City. Each individual has been featured in New York City Street Style, but we went a little further to get their personal story. We are pleased to present you with our very first feature. 


Name: Shamir

Age: 25

Location: Miami Beach, Florida 

Outfit Specs: ERD tee, Saint Laurent zipper jeans (1st release), Rick owens blistered leather jacket, Rick Owens Dunks, Panerai watch.  

Favorite brands: ERD, Julius, Rick Owens, Amiri, CCP, Guidi, Older Dior


"I have always been into fashion, ever since I was a kid I have been obsessed with designer brands and luxury goods. I've been collecting shoes, clothing, and leather goods since I was 12, from vintage LV steamer trunks to vintage Chanel jackets. I have a luxury goods resale company based out of Miami, Florida. I specialize in selling gently used designer garments. I use Grailed, eBay etc... I sell a ton of Goyard, Celine, Chanel, Hermes, Designer Watches, and Rick Owens. Most of the stuff I sell is gently worn and at a fraction of the price. My company is Miami Image Consulting, and I have been doing that for about 5 years now."

All photos shot by Jackson Ray (@jackson_fmf), see more of his photos here. 

Top Outfits of the Week (10/24/16)

WTB: Helmut Lang AW03 Bondage MA-1 & Sleeve NWT Bomber

WTB: Helmut Lang AW03 Bondage MA-1 & Sleeve NWT Bomber