7 Jackets for F/W that you should be hunting for

7 Jackets for F/W that you should be hunting for

  Fall and Winter are great seasons to flex your sick outerwear that has been sitting in the back of your closet all Summer. There is nothing better than a layered look with a boss ass coat to top it off. We at the FMF office know that finding the perfect coat can be tough, but we are here to give you some guidance when it comes to the the genre of outerwear. We have selected a couple different silhouettes that we love and hope that you can find yourself rocking this Fall/Winter season. 

Parka Jackets


For those of you who are more into streetwear (anything Supreme or Raf Simons), a parka jacket is the perfect route for you. The parka jacket has a fantastic long silhouette that you can dress down with sneakers, or dress up with a fucking suit. A very versatile piece that you should consider copping in the very near future. 

Brands: Raf Simons (of course), Rick Owens, Undercover, Acronym, Helmut Lang, Supreme, A.P.C, Uniqlo.




Dating back to when your grandpa was your age, the overcoat is one of the the most classic and essential coats in the game. Sometimes it's time to dress like an adult, and the overcoat is the perfect way to make you look more mature than you actually are. Their are plenty of ways to wear an overcoat. You can wear it with a suit, a sweater, a tee shirt, or even with a fucking scarf tied around your torso (pictured). In all seriousness a nice wool coat is a great piece to have in your arsenal of outerwear. 

Brands: Carol Christian Poell, Burberry, Dior, Dries Van Noten, Acne Studios, J.Crew, ASOS. 


Leather Jackets


Probably the most New York thing other than Timbs and a Yankee fitted, the leather jacket provides a timeless, badass look that no other jacket can replace. Anyone can rock a leather jacket, whether you rock it with black skinny jeans, or fucking Rick Owens poopy pants. It is one of the most universally cool jackets on the market, and I think everyone should own some variation of it. 

Brands: Saint Laurent, Amiri, Blackmeans, Julius, Rick Owens, Acne, Temple of Jawns, All-Saints. 


Waterproof Jackets 


Rain coats aren't the first coat that comes to mind when you are thinking of what you need to buy, but I promise you that you will fucking need it. Who wants to carry an umbrella anyways? This is a piece that you don't have to take too seriously, this is an opportunity to have fun. You can cop Vetements or Vetememes, and it's still fire while you are getting drenched by the pouring rain. 

Brands: Acronym, Boris, Y-3, Burberry, Vetements, Vetememes, Isa Ora, Stutterheim, Uniqlo


Denim Jackets  

Canadian tuxedos are fucking in right now, so what better way to go than copping a denim jacket? Denim jackets are very easy to wear with anything and are good for those who live in climates that don't get too cold. There are many variations of the denim jacket, which is great because you can find one that fits your personal style profile. 

Brands: Fear of God, Amiri, Rick Owens, En Noir, 424, Kapital, RRL, Levis.


Bomber Jackets  


Probably the most popular option when it comes to outerwear because of its mass popularity. The bomber jacket is great jacket because of its simplicity and functionality. I'm pretty sure you all own at least 1-2 variations of the bomber jacket (black & olive), but feel free to cop something that has a little more detail than just a blank nylon bomber. That being said there is nothing wrong with scooping a black basic one just to hold you down.

Brands: Rick Owens, Fear of God, Amiri, Haider Ackerman, Helmut Lang, John Elliott, Supreme, Alpha Industries.


Flex Coats  


Dolce & Gabbana 2003 bomber jacket // @arbitrage_nyc

Dolce & Gabbana 2003 bomber jacket //@arbitrage_nyc

There comes a time in every fashion enthusiast life where you have all the basics conquered, and it's time to buy something a little more outrageous or unique. The flex coat could honestly be anything. Some good examples are Raf Simons 03' parkas, Hedi Slimane Dior era overcoats, Archive Helmut Lang bondage jackets, or even this Dolce & Gabbana 03' bomber jacket (pictured above). These usually will cost you a little more when it comes to price, but it is truly worth it to have a coat in your wardrobe that no one else might have. The flex coat is one of the most fun coats to purchase and wear because it doesn't have to be practical in any way. You can truly just wear something wild and it's great because people take notice. 

Brands:  Any brand that makes a fire ass piece that you consider a grail. 

If you have any questions about which coat to cop, and or style advice, tweet us @fmfzine and we will be happy to help. 

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