A couple ways to revamp your style in 2016

You always hear that bullshit, "New year, new me." Well I don't care for that statement at all, however it is always a time we can reflect on our personal style and see how we can change it up for this New Year. I am already planning what pieces that I need to cop to really advance my style and change it up. Here are just a couple of things that I would suggest to start your new style off right. 

#1 Get a pair of jeans you can wear almost everyday. 

 I basically wear jeans everyday, so having a good pair of jeans that fit nice is very important. You really only need a pair of good black jeans and a pair of light wash jeans. 

There are a lot of brands that make good jeans, so I will just list some that have varying price points and that are really good quality.

Rag & Bone

Blk Dnm

Saint Laurent

Acne Studios

 #2 Add a Leather Jacket to your wardrobe. 

The Kooples

The Kooples

Adding a leather jacket to your wardrobe is a great way to start off your new style for the new year. The versatility of a nice leather jacket makes it essential. You can wear it with sweaters, hoodies, turtlenecks, and or just a tee shirt. I would suggest buying one second hand, because nice leather jackets can cost upwards of 500-1500 dollars. Buying one used from Grailed.com, ebay, or second hand consignments or thrift stores. 

Do not buy pleather. That will be a huge step back, just bite the bullet and buy a real leather one for about $225-350. 

#3 Cop a versatile pair of shoes.

This is probably the most challenging thing to do on this list. This is basically a personal preference. Of course I do not know what everyone prefers, but I will just give you some good examples that you can usually pair with anything. 

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are always a good choice. They can be worn with jeans or trousers and can be dressed up or worn casually. If you want a rockstar aesthetic or you want to look like Harry Styles cop some Chelsea boots. This pair by Everyday Hero are the ideal cut and quality that a chelsea boot should be. Shop them here. 

Stan Smiths

This shoe made a huge comeback in recent years, and if you do not already own a pair, I suggest getting a pair just because of how much wear you will get out of these. I have had my pair for over a year and a half now and I still wear them frequently. They go with almost anything and are just a great shoe to throw on. Shop them here. 

CDG Consverse

Converse sneakers have been around for decades and they always seem to be a popular choice. These CDG Converse have to be the only Converse that I would personally wear, just because they are different from everyone else's typical Converse. These run about $120. Shop them here. 

Yeezys ( if possible )

The hottest shoe on planet earth. If you can get lucky enough to get your hands on a pair of Yeezys, then your new year style will be well on its way. We can expect 6 new colorways of the 350 boost in 2016, so the chances of getting a pair might slightly go up. 

Classic Vans

Classic vans can be worn with anything. They are a classic shoe that will never go out of style. These will be an easy addition to your wardrobe for a cheap cost. Shop them here. 

These are just 3 suggestions to start your new years on the right foot. Really rethink your wardrobe and what direction you want your style to go in. These are just some of the essentials that you can wear everyday and that you can easily style with. Don't be afraid to try something different and branch out your style. 

Just remember...

"New Year, New Fire Jawns."

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