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I was first drawn to Foundation Footwear due to their essential colors and clean silhouettes. I reached out to Keith Tran, one of the brand's co-founders, and he provided us with some insight about the brand. One of the reasons I really like Foundation Footwear is that they provide designs that are simple and affordable. I would just like to thank Keith for taking time to talk to me about the upcoming collection. Here is the full interview. 

 "The design ethos for Foundation Footwear is to create something for every man for every occasion.  Our tagline is "for every move."

How has the process of designing footwear been thus far?

 "The design process is very organic.  We start with broad concepts, and keep trimming the fat until we get down to workable ideas.  Seeing the designs on paper coming to life is an amazing experience."

Can you give us a brief breakdown of the entire collection?

 "Since this is our first season, we wanted to launch with core silhouettes that would be instantly familiar to new customers.  From there, we kept the color palette simple and wearable."

How was the experience at Agenda, and how was that a good platform for unveiling your brand?

  "We had a great time at Agenda.  We had the opportunity to meet with a lot of prospective buyers and received a very positive response to the collection."

Can you give us insight to the price points of the footwear collection? 

  "Every item in the collection is less than $200. Staying in that range is important to us because there aren't many high-quality footwear brands that are retailing at that price."

Do you have an official list of retailers as of yet?

  "We are still working with potential retailers so we can't release that information just yet.  It's in the early stages, but we are looking to launch with about 50 stores worldwide."

 To follow that up, when will they be available? 

  "Foundation will be launching before the holidays.  The first phase will be releasing products on our own webstore; followed by a worldwide release with retailers about a month after."

What are the inspirations behind the footwear collection?

  "You hear this response a lot, but we are inspired by everything around us.  We are fortunate to travel quite a bit so a large part of the inspiration behind the first collection is seeing how people around the world interpret a trend or fashion statement differently."

What do you think Foundation will bring to the table that will make it unique?

 "Foundation is an American designed brand with a global outlook and reach."

Lastly, what advice do you have for people that want to design footwear, and what style advice do you have for our readers?

  "This advice was given to me so I'll pass it forward: "if bringing your dreams to life doesn't scare you to death, then you aren't dreaming big enough."

Be sure to check out the entire collection on and follow them @foundationfootwear

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