3 Boots You Have to Keep on Rotation This Fall

3 Boots You Have to Keep on Rotation This Fall

Fall is coming, and that means it’s finally boot season- you can put your beloved sneakers on the sideline for just a moment because it’s finally acceptable to wear boots 24/7. Just because it’s time for boots, though, doesn’t mean people wanna see the same pair of beat up boots you had last year every single day of the season. There’s three different pairs of boots you 100% should invest in and you’ll be set for the rest of fall and even winter.

Boot 1: The Army Boot

Army boots are without a doubt not the nicest looking boot you can possibly own, but you definitely should anyway. They may not look nice, but they can definitely help you achieve a look, which is always a plus. Also, because of their thicker and more industrial sole, they’re naturally better for when it starts to snow and you gotta trudge through it anyway. Best thing about an army boot is that you can find them for total steals online. This boot, in my opinion, looks pretty similar to the Yeezy 950, but it’s only $63 so it’s a bargain. Style it right, and you might just look like you walked off the runway for Yeezy Season 2.

Boot 2: The Desert Boot

Since desert boots have a little lace up to them, in my opinion, they’re like a nicer alternative to sneakers. They air on the casual side of boots, but not as casual as an army boot. They’re the perfect middle ground. They’re most commonly found paired with jeans that are just slightly cuffed at the bottom, which is perfect for fall weather when it’s not too cold yet. Be warned though- if you buy them, be sure to water proof them as they most commonly are suede.

Boot 3:  The Chelsea Boot

The nicest looking boot of them all is a definite must have this fall if you don’t already own them. Girls love guys in Chelsea boots, I promise. I can’t explain why, but you gotta trust me. A Chelsea boot will without a doubt make you look put together even if you have an oversized tee on up top. By pairing the Chelsea boot with any outfit you already own, you’re just making yourself look even nicer and that can only be a good thing. This is the boot that I suggest splurging on the most simply because I promise you’ll love them and you’ll wanna wear them all the time.

With these three boots in rotation this fall, you’re set achieve tons of different looks but finally shaking it up after having worn sneakers almost all summer. 

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