Handmade In Amsterdam By @Tlordenzo.

Handmade In Amsterdam By @Tlordenzo.

I had a chance to interview @Tlordenzo, which was a very cool experience for me. He is based out of a town just outside of Amsterdam. He creates his own garments and adds them to his very unique style. He is just 15 years old, and is creating garments that are unique and original. Here is a little Q & A with @tlordenzo: 

The first question is simply why did you start making your own clothing, and 

  "I started because I was willing to do something with my creativity. I knew my mom had a sewing machine so I asked her if she could help me with editing a simple shirt. After that I wanted to do more things so I made more creations. The things I made back then were based on the hype , But I had to start somewhere so I could move on. Making those things helped me to get better. I started to take bigger steps. Most of the time the things i thought that were difficult for me weren't that much of a challenge for me. It made me happy to see what I created each time and that kept me going . I started to make more personal things, my own designs. After doing these things I realized I really wanted to do something with fashion. But making clothes for myself isn't much interesting for me. I decided to share my creativity with others. Thats why I made a website to show my little collections and artworks and the stories behind it. This is a perfect way to express the way I see art and to Inspire other (young) people. I am moving forward and I already have my plans for the future set. I'm planning to do the educations fashion design and fashion management. I'm already working with other young creatives like photographers, a producer, models and people who own their own store."

What is the most rewarding thing for you after you have created a piece of clothing?

  "That I am able to do something with my creativity. I like the way I make things because my results are most of the times better than expected.  I'm glad because most people in other countries don't have the opportunity to do something like me.  "

Do you like mixing your designs with other designer clothing or sneakers?

  "Of Course. I like to see my stuff paired with designer shoes. But I promised myself not to buy anything from other brands. I am trying to wear my own stuff as much as possible. Because it makes my style more original."

What is the hardest part for you when designing clothing?

  "The hardest thing is to put my own identity in my clothing. It feels hard but easy at the same time to design my own clothes. When I design something I just stay true to myself so I can get the most inspiration out of myself. But it's hard to put something up that is new but still me( if you know what I mean.) "

If you could study under any designer who would it be?

   "Yohji Yamamoto. First of all, he is very wise. He has a great history. The way he thinks is next level. And I really like Avant- Garde / Japanese  fashion. He could teach me so much. I just got a book about him and I am very exited to read it."

Has your personal style changed over the years since you have been making your own clothing?

  "Yes my style has changed a lot. i used to buy a lot of things of the hypes. My style used to be weak and unoriginal. It didn't changed that much for now but I'm working it. I want to wear my own clothes as much as possible to have a more personal style."

Do you also do alterations to existing pieces such as tapering pants?

  "Yes, but I also alter existing pieces. I just began making bottoms so I still need to learn a few things about it."

If you have any style advice or life advice leave it here. 

  "If you design clothes or wear clothes, be sure you stay yourself. Dare to be unique, and think different. Wear what you like because fashion has no rules. You don't need that much money to buy things. If you do things with the right purpose, you will get bigger. And the most important thing is having fun with what you do."

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