Top 5 instagrams to follow for style inspiration.

Instagram is a great platform that allows people to share their entire world of fashion with the world. It has changed the way people dress, and has even inspired my styles. I would just like to thank the instagram fashion community for inspiring the world to express themselves through clothing. We will continue to share our favorite style feeds.

#5- @LUXELUCE00 

Luce consistently shows us his newest outfits. He offers a variety of different styles, which makes him easily one of our top 5 instagram feeds to follow. 


Dillon's blog always features his newest outfits. One of New York City's best blogger and stylist. 

#3- @keezynobless

Saint Laurent vibes mixed with his own cut and sew Nobless line. Keezy always has some fresh outfits to share. Worth the follow to get some great outfit inspiration. 

#2- @coryjking

Cory shares his ultimate grail collection in the form of outfit grids and street shots of his latest fits. Follow him to see his amazing style and collection of designer clothing. 


#1- @Zac_byz 

Our number 1 favorite style inspiration account. Zac shares great outfit inspiration for designer sneakers and layering. Follow him to see some of the best outfits on instagram. 

If you do not follow our account, we also offer all of the best outfits and inspiration - @fashionmovesforward. 

We will be adding more instagram feeds that offer high levels of style and clothing. 

Thank you for viewing, we hope we can help inspire your outfits and lifestyle. 

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Take flight - one-on-one with instagram fashion blogger @ldn2hk

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