Take flight - one-on-one with instagram fashion blogger @ldn2hk

Take flight - one-on-one with instagram fashion blogger @ldn2hk

We caught up with our longtime friend @LDN2HK to sit down and talk about his travels and his amazing instagram feed. His world class taste has made him one of the most influential fashion/ streetwear instagram's out there. You can find him at streetwear boutiques throughout the world. From London to Hong Kong and everything in between here is our interview with @LDN2HK. 


Just let me start by asking how you got into fashion and traveling to stores throughout the world?

  "I've been involved in streetwear and urban culture in some shape and form for the last 10 years. It's always been a passion of mine. I currently helm an event marketing department that allows me to travel for a living. My instagram is really just my side project. I'm happy that people are enjoying what I curate and my personal tastes. "

Has traveling affected your take on style, seeing different cultures and how they wear certain clothes?

   "Absolutely. Its the very origin of my IG handle. I was blessed to live internationally growing up. I was born in London and moved to the U.S ay age 8. I also spent time in Hong Kong as a teenager. I consider myself American (5th generation Chinese-American actually), but my time and travels in Europe and Asia have significantly shaped my identity. I will say social media has significantly shrunken the world and in many ways there is now almost a standardized streetwear look. I don't think it's a bad thing since it makes it easier to connect with like-minded people. But there is a lot to be said in traveling to a destination and seeing other people's fashion and how they occupy their world. It's those little nuances that I like picking up on. "


I totally agree with how social media has made picking up fashion much easier. What has been you latest favorite place to visit?

  "NYC is always going to be one of my favorite cities with Tokyo a close second. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for New York since I used to live there. Both cities have my favorite retail spot, Dover Street Market. It's like they put every brand I love under one roof in an amazingly well-designed package. No visit to either city is complete without hitting up DSM!"

I will have to hit it up next time i'm in NYC. What brand of sneaker has been your favorite recently and why?

  "Probably Y-3 with the Qasa in particular. Y-3 was always way bigger in Asia and Europe, but the U.S slept on the brand for whatever reason. I had the Honja Hi almost 10 years ago as it was the first 'luxury' shoe I really lusted after. But that was the only product they offered that I really liked. In the past years, they've really stepped u their design with the Qasa and integrating Adidas's Boost technology and everyone is noticing now. It just goes to show that a good product and good design will always resonate with consumers. "

From my perspective I would say that you are living the dream, do you feel that way?

  "Haha of course not. People should always remember that when it comes to social media, you're only going to see the side that someone chooses to present to the world. No one sees that I work 24/7 with often nights and weekends included, but of course no one would want to see me in a cubicle going over floor plans. But I definitely can't complain. I've had way worse jobs haha. "

You belong out in the world for sure. Is there ever a time where you don't feel like wearing your best clothes, or do you just enjoy dressing up and presenting yourself to the world in that way?

  "Of course there are times when I just roll out of bed and throw on some sweatpants to go get coffee at the corner; but like you, I like looking my best at all times. However, I dress for myself because I like it and not because I want the world to see me in any particular way. "

Considering that you travel so much, what are some of your essentials when flying? 

  "Always got to go with comfortable shoes whether it's Flyknits or some Pure Boosts. I love them because I can wear them casually and use them in the hotel gym. I also always carry my own canteen and moisturizer. Gotta stay hydrated inside and out!"

Haha I have never heard that, that's a great travel tip. Who are some of your inspirations, people that you admire either in fashion or life?

   "Hedi Slimane. I have been a fan of the man since his legendary tenure at Dior Homme. His work at Saint Laurent has been phenomenal.
Rick Owens. Before all black everything was a thing, there was Rick Owens.
Bruce Lee. He taught the world to be like water. You can either flow or you can crash.
Dad. The only man who puts the fear of God into you when you screw up lol. "

That is a phenomenal list.  How has living in LA been compared to other places?

   "Actually it's one of my favorite places. All my life I was often used to highly urban areas like London, Hong Kong, and NYC, but at times the city life can get claustrophobic and stressful.  In LA, you can have the city life as well, but the beautiful weather and beaches are there too. Sure the traffic is terrible, but if you organize your life around it, it's not that bad. "

Do you ever find yourself wanting to wear one of your favorite outfits as a "uniform" , or are you always looking to wear what's next?

  "Well I don't want to say I'm always looking at what's next as that would infer that I jump from one trend to the next. Fashion is always changing and I'm always on the look out for fresh ideas and ispiration. That said I've always been rooted in streetwear and that'll always be my "uniform' in whatever shape or form. "

Is there something that you currently on the hunt for, like a "grail" of some sort?

  "Not really. I mean there's always stuff that I want, but there's always going to be some other shiny new thing that is going to be dangled in front of everyone's face to get hyped about. It'll never end. I love fashion, but at the end of the day, it is just material things. The 'grail' I'm chasing are experiences whether it's travel, food, a live show, etc."

I bet food is a big part of your life considering the world's diverse foods. What places or countries do you enjoy visiting for food?

   "Of course I'm going to be biased about Hong Kong. it has an amazing food culture being a former British colony and now a base to a highly diverse international community. In terms of all time favorites, it has to be Japan. it's one of those places I love going again and again for the culture. I was there last December going ham on everything from Kobe beef steak in Kyoto to sushi at the Tsukiji fish market." 

Lastly I just want to ask if you have anything you want people to know about you and if you have any advice to our readers. 

   "I am just super appreciative to my audience and I'm happy they think the stuff I put out is dope. I'm really just a normal person and not that special. Technology has changed the game where anyone can be somebody with the right vision and tools. It's in the palm of your hand with your smartphone. i just happen to choose IG because it's an easy medium to communicate with. In terms of advice, again, I'm not at any higher level or plane, although it might be perceived that way. All I can say is nothing comes easy and there are no shortcuts. I get asked all the time how did I get to where I am, and all I can say is it's hard work. People just see the pictures, but they don't see the long hours, the earned scholarship to grad school, the grinding to get that internship at a Fortune 500 company, and then a job offer at a Fortune 100 company. If you want something, you have to go out and get it. "

Big thanks to @LDN2HK for taking time to offer some helpful insight into his life. We admire his work and style. Be sure to follow him on instagram to follow him throughout his world travels and style journey. 


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