Raymond Cheung takes us into the World of 3.Paradis

Raymond Cheung takes us into the World of 3.Paradis

3.Paradis is a designer label based out of Montreal, but was inspired by a trip to Paris that the founders took 2 years ago. Founded by Raymond Cheung and Emeric Tchatchoua, 3.Paradis sets out to mix high end simplicity with street aesthetics. I have been following this brand for a while now. I have always had a natural draw to their clothing because of its ability to dress up, or to wear with sneakers. It is so flexible to individual style. I personally will be trying to shop the collection when it comes online in 2 months. Raymond Cheung was nice enough to answer a couple questions I had about the brand in this FMF exclusive interview. 

  "My name is Raymond Cheung, and I was born and raised in Montreal. I'm just a regular Chinese guy that likes beautiful things. "

When did you start designing, and when was the birth of 3.Paradis and how did that start?

  "I started 3.Paradis 2 years ago with my partner Emeric. It all started after a trip to Paris where we felt inspired by the architecture and art.  We were always interested in fashion and we were ready to start creating our own garments. When we got back to Montreal, I signed up for fashion school to learn the craftsmanship in depth. We had already began sketching designs before I started school. "

What is the design concept behind 3.Paradis?

  "The designs are largely inspired by different Asian cultures. Often, our garments are similar to traditional Japanese clothing. For example, we often make kimonos.  We like to add our little twist on tradition, to make it modern and stylish. "

Is the brand a reflection of your personal style, or does that have any influence at all?

  "Of course it does!  I make sure to put myself in the mindset of a consumer when designing, I think it's very important. I have loved fashion since I was a kid.  I would buy Fila track suits, Nautica windbreakers and then throw on some silver Nike Air Max 95. My designs really reflect where my interest blossomed.  That's why there is a street wear inspiration mixed with what I learned as I grew up, quality."

Would you say you wear mostly your own designs, or do you mix them in?

  "At the moment I wear mostly my own designs but i still have a strong admiration for artisanal fashion. I tend to mix my brand with CCP or Guidi footwear."

How was the Toronto fashion show for your brand and how was it for you personally?  

  "Toronto is always good for 3.paradis. I love showing there because it gives us a lot of exposure.  We need to show the world that there is great fashion coming out of Canada also."

Do you look at only designers to find inspiration, or what other places help you find inspiration?

 "Actually, I try not to look at other designers for inspiration. As I said earlier, I like to look at other cultures, and traditional ways of dressing!  One of my main sources of inspiration, however is street style.  I travel to look at how people dress in different cities or I take the subway on purpose to analyze how people dress to go to work or school."

What would you say the hardest part about having a label?

 "The hardest part for me is to find good manufacturers.  This is difficult because I am currently producing the clothes in Montreal where most manufacturers have moved or closed down.  Once the company grows to a certain point, it should be much easier to find people. "

What retailers currently carry 3.Paradis, and will there be an online store ?

 "Our current stockists include Cntrbnd, D-Mop, Fusion, Autographmenswear, Tom Greyhound, and Genesis. Our online store is under construction and should open in 2 months."

Lastly what advice can you give to our readers about having a brand, and about personal style?

 "There is a lot of competition in this field. If you want to jump into it, make sure you have strong team before starting. 

Personal style is more difficult to develop than ever nowadays, because the world is moving so fast.  From my experience, I’ve learned to buy timeless items. I love a nice white tee, black pants and a pair of nice leather boots.  It’s all in the details."

Be sure to follow Raymond (@_raymondcheung ) and @3.paradis

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