Four Pins will shut down in 2016

I don’t know if any of you have heard yet, but the satirical menswear blog Four Pins is shutting down in 2016. I was shocked at this announcement. Four Pins is known for its sarcastic meme based menswear fuckery that they have embraced since they were founded in 2012. Four Pins was a branch of Complex magazine, and was founded by Lawrence Schlossman who is the former editor in chief at Four Pins. Lawrence recently left Four Pins for a job at the legendary men's resale website I knew Four Pins would not be the same without Lawrence, but I had no idea it would come to this.

Now I would like to look at the legacy of Four Pins, and what I liked most about it, and what will be missed.

#1 Street Style Shots by George Elder.

The New York street shots became a very big part of Four Pins. Their photographer, George Elder, took some amazing shots over the course of his career. This idea of NYC street shots had New Yorkers dressing in their “flyest” outfits and walking around the Soho streets, just hoping they would make it onto Four Pins. 

I was lucky enough to be featured twice this Fall. It seems crazy that as soon as I move to New York that I would be featured on Four Pins street style shots twice in the Fall, and now they are shutting down. I guess my fit was too fire lmao. But street style shots by George Elder will be missed. Here are some of the legendary shots. 

#2 The Memes.

If you follow Four Pins on twitter, you know this was a big part of Four Pins’s existence. They took pride in roasting fuccbois and using the best memes to do it. The Jordan crying meme was probably their most used this year lol (pictured below).

The use of gifs was also a huge part of Four Pins fuckery. If you follow Four Pins founder Lawrence, then you can see that he played a huge role in using memes to roast anything and everything about menswear. Luckily, Four Pins will still be active on twitter according to the tweet above. So we will just have to see them on the timeline. 

I couldn't capture how hilarious Four Pins twitter feed is, so check it out here.

#3 Articles by Jon Moy

Jon Moy's articles would basically feature a piece of clothing, and he would talk about it and literally say whatever the fuck he wanted about it. I have always loved reading what he had to say about certain articles of clothing. He embodied everything that was great about Four Pins. I will definitely miss Jon's articles. 

Check out Jon Moy's article here. 

#4 Fashion Bros

 This video basically sums up why we are going to miss fashion bros. Literally just clowning people at fashion week. 

#5 Legacy

I have enjoyed every moment of Four Pins existence. They started two years before my blog, and of course I always looked at what they were doing, and I truly enjoyed their blog, because it spoke in the same tongues that I wanted Fashion Moves Forward (FMF) to. I looked at Four Pins as almost a model of what I wanted to create. I obviously took mine in a slightly different route, but nevertheless Four Pins definitely influenced me in a big way. I found this news very sad, although I have my own site that I want to build up to the level of Four Pins, I was sad because I loved reading the content, and I believed they changed the way we as men perceive fashion. They called out the hypebeats, the fuccbois, and made mens fashion fun. That is what fashion should be. It should be fun and not taken so seriously. So for the legacy Four Pins leaves behind, I would just like to thank Lawrence and all the dicks over at Four Pins for influencing me and making a difference. I know it is just a website, but I could’t imagine seeing my site become shut down. It is sad because this was one of my models, and one of my favorite publications to read. I hope that I can pick up some of the pieces that they are leaving behind, and try to make them in my own vision. 


Four Pins we salute you and thank you, but your fits were still trash fam lmao.


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