Top 10 Bomber Jackets on the market

Top 10 Bomber Jackets on the market

The bomber jacket has become a fashion staple in both men's and women's wardrobes. The ability to layer with the bomber jacket has made it very popular. The problem we came across is finding the best bombers, and who makes them. So we decided to help provide our top 10 picks of the best brands who make the best bomber jackets. Check out our top 10 below. 

#1 - Fear Of God - $900-$1300

Fear of God bomber jackets are the best bomber jackets on the market. I would wear this everyday if I owned one. The materials and fit of this jacket are amazing. The third collection bomber is more of a matte material, and the the new fourth collection is a silk. The fourth collection pre-order just ended, but you will be able to buy this at retail spaces soon. You can still find Fear of God bomber jackets on, or there is one available in beige exclusively at 

#2 - Stampd - $330

Stampd makes an amazing bomber jacket. The straps add a nice complexity to your outfit. This is the only color available at the moment due to the popularity of this jacket. Sizes S-XL available here. 

#3 - Daniel Patrick Road Bomber - $600

The Daniel Patrick Road bomber jacket is definitely not your typical bomber jacket. The oversized cuffs, asymmetrical zipper, and straps add a lot of uniqueness to this jacket. It comes in 3 different colors, beige, black, and olive. Daniel killed this bomber. Shop it here. 

#4 - Nid de Guepes - $275

Nid De Guepes offers a variety of bomber jackets. They just released even more on their website. I love the different colors and styles of bombers they offer as well. The details and quality are really great on all of their products. It is a great alternative to a Fear Of God bomber due to its availability and similar fit. Shop all of their bomber jackets here. 

#5 - Arno De France - $180

Arno De France just released their new collection "Black Wolves." Their classic cream bomber jacket is a great piece to have in your wardrobe.  This color is unique and  if you want to layer it with light and more earthy colors this is the jacket for you. Shop it here. 

#6 - Represent Clo Rage Bomber - $300

Represent Clo killed this jacket. The print is amazing. If you are trying to find a bomber jacket that isn't your typical bomber jacket, this is for you. This bomber allows you to layer with darker colors. Get it here.

#7 - Chapter Aldis Bomber - $320

If you aren't from the North East, and have a milder winter, or you are buying a bomber for early Spring, you should be all over this bomber. The Chapter Aldis Bomber jacket is for a dressier individual. Chapter provides a dressier streetwear aesthetic to the bomber jacket. If you want to dress up a bomber jacket this is definitely for you. Shop it here. 

#8 - Isaora G-1 Flight Jacket - $465

Isaora is at the forefront of fashionable garments that provide technical benefits. The G-1 flight jacket features removable shearling collar and PrimaLoft Gold Insulation for Warmth. The jacket isn't just fashionable, it serves a purpose by keeping you warm. The price is high, but this is a jacket you will be wearing for years. Shop it here. 

#9 - Enfin Leve - Haizea Flight Jacket - $260

Enfin Leve's flight jacket is very minimal, and falls into the more dressy style of bomber jacket. It is very clean and sharp. However, it is versatile- you can wear it dressy or add your streetwear flair to it. It comes in 3 different colors - black, brown, and a wool blend. Shop it here. 

#10 - Alpha Industries Bomber Jacket - $135

The best bang for your buck has to be the Alpha Industries bomber jacket. It comes in a wide variety of colors, and is pretty thick, so it will keep you protected from the elements. If you want a bomber you can wear everyday and layer with effectively, this is for you. Shop it here. 


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