Macy Uczen Redefines Women's Street Style

Macy Uczen Redefines Women's Street Style

Macy Uczen has one of the most unique styles I have ever seen. She incorporates high end menswear into her personal style. But not just any menswear, she has a variety of pieces from designers such as Raf Simons, Rick Owens, Undercover and Supreme. She was generous enough to share her perspective on both menswear and womenswear, considering she is an avid follower of both. Here is the full interview and photoshoot of the stylish Macy Uzcen. 

"My name is Macy Uczen, I am 19 years old. I am currently majoring in Fashion Merchandising at LIM College in Manhattan."

When did you start getting into fashion, and what motivated or inspired your interest in it?

  "Ever since I could remember I wanted to be a designer, but more recently I've been interested in the business side of fashion along with styling. I'm a big fan of books and film. I just read a book called "Japanese Fashion Designers," and it really changed the way I think about fashion and design. "

What do you think about the current state of women’s wear and menswear?

 "I feel like it's almost nonexistent. Men and Women are beginning to wear the same things. I love how comfortable gender neutral fashion is now."

Branching off of that, what are some of the things you don’t like in the fashion industry right now?

 "FAST FASHION. I'm totally against companies who rip off designs and are hurting the environment. "

How would you personally describe your style, do you mix a lot of different aesthetics or do you stick to one in particular?

  "I'd say my style is comfortable. I'm always in sneakers. I like free forming garments and pieces with character and individuality."

What career are you pursuing at the moment, and what is one of your main goals that you want to achieve within the fashion industry? 

  "I'm in school for fashion merchandising. I'm studying to be a buyer and have a minor in styling. My goal is to just be myself and be open to what comes my way. "

We briefly discussed your dream of opening a store, what kind of space would you dream of opening?

  "A store that is architecturally pleasing and tells a story. One with a small, hand selected collection of merchandise and designers. I'd love to bring it to an area thats in-need of an influence."

Who is one of your biggest inspirations? 

  "My fashion inspirations are, Veneda Budny and my boyfriend. Honestly I have a huge crush on Veneda's style. She does menswear perfectly. My boyfriend collects archive pieces ( pieces from past seasons) so I'm always in his closet. "

Just from looking through your instagram, it seems you really enjoy art. Does that play a role in the way you dress?

  "Yes for sure. I take a lot of inspiration from Art and I'm always going to galleries and museums. I wouldn't say it influences the way I dress but it definitely makes me happy and emotional at the same time. "

Give us your top 3 shoes to wear, and why?

  "This is a hard one... My geobaskets are probably my top favorite, I purchased them in Paris last year and they are something that I will never resell even if I don't wear them anymore. My other two favorites are my Y-3 Kanja sneakers and I've been wearing the new CDG converse a lot! "

Do you ever feel guilty for buying an expensive piece of clothing, or is it completely worth it?

  "I rarely go and buy things full price and I tend to find what I need cheaper than retail. So, even if it is expensive I don't feel guilty. I would never buy something I didn't absolutely love!"

We discussed briefly about reselling clothing, and you wanting a women's version of Can you elaborate on that? 

 "There are not many websites for women to sell designer clothes. I remember trying to sell my women's Margiela sneakers on, and they deleted my post because they weren't mens. I'd be interested in creating a women's website like grailed.. But better. "

What do you think about the phrase "boyfriends are the new stylists,"is there any truth in that?

  "I wouldn't say all boyfriends know what looks best on their lady. I'm extremely lucky to have a boyfriend who has good taste and helps me feel more comfortable in trying new things. "

Lastly, what style advice can you give to both men and women?

 "My advice is have your own style. A lot of people wear things for the hype and I think it's important to invest in things that you have a true connection with. Just in all stop buying poor quality clothing. I think having inspiration from something other than a celebrity is the key. "

Outfit #1 : Rick Owens 03' Sweater / Rick Owens Geobaskets / Helmut Lang Jeans

Outfit #2: Vintage Raf Simons Bomber provided by Dominik Halas (@dominikhalas) / Alexander Wang bra top / Dries Van Noten Skirt

Outfit #3: OFF-WHITE "Nebraska" Hoodie / CDG Converse

Outfit#4: Vintage Comme Chrome Hearts T-shirt / Chrome Hearts Rolling Stones Zip up

Big thank you to Macy for taking time to be apart of the interview and photoshoot for Fashion Moves Forward. 

Be sure to follow Macy on Instagram @thecyberalien to keep up with her style. 

All photos by: @urban_delikacy 

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