Layering Guide This Winter

Layering Guide This Winter

If you live on the east coast like I do, unfortunately for all of us, winter came WAY too early. It’s October and it’s 37 degrees, and yes, I am angry because I’m from Los Angeles so this is unheard of. This being said, it’s time to really start thinking about how to dress for some seriously cold weather. Do you have that one super thick, super warm coat sitting in the back of your closet that you just wear for months on end during the winter? Do the world a favor and don’t. Maybe I fell in love with the layered look on guys because my boyfriend is the Layer God himself, but I swear it’s one of the most attractive things a guy can do IF you do it right. So do yourself a favor and read up on my tips on how to layer- not just for the look, but for keeping warm.

Step One: Get the Right Tank

Your tank won’t be seen that much, but it’s still an important layer to own. Having a tank underneath everything just adds another layer to trap heat closer to your body. Between Fear of GodJohn Elliot, and Daniel Patrick,  you’re bound to find a tank that fits you perfectly. And when I say perfectly, I really mean perfectly extended in length. It should be a piece that hangs lower than all of your other layers so that it’s seen whether you have just a tee on, or hoodies and jackets as well. If you don't like the extended tank look, I still suggest wearing a tank for an added layer so just look for one that's not extended and therefore won't be seen. But really- you'll thank me for suggesting this layer.

Step Two: Find the Tee

In terms of warmth, I seriously think you all should look into the John Elliot Heavy Cropped Tee. Not only is the fit of the tee amazing as it’s super wide, but because it’s cropped just a little, it’ll really help show off your tank. While all that’s fine and good, you can find a ton of tees that fit like that. However, you can’t get a tee like that that’s ALSO really warm. This tee is super, super thick and will seriously add some warmth in the extreme cold. You can honestly wear any tee you want cause it's underneath more layers and most likely won't be seen, but if you're looking to add warmth to your fit, I'd throw this one on before any other tee. 

Step Three: Anything with a Hood

Next, you’re gonna need something with a hood. It can be a nice thick hoodie or it can be a windbreaker. I’m picturing something like the Off White windbreaker or a hoodie like the ones by Fear of God or John Elliot. Whether you go for a hoodie or a windbreaker really depends on the weather that day, but either one will look dope.

Step Four: Denim, Leather, Overcoat, or Bomber

The final step is picking your jacket. Again, whether you pick denim, leather, an overcoat, or a bomber completely depends on the weather but they’re all good choices. You can really easily find a good denim jacket- pop into a vintage store and grab a Levi’s jacket for about $70 and seeing as they’re super durable, it’s totally worth it. If you wanna splurge on denim, the Fear of God Fourth Collection Denim Jacket fits like a Levi’s, but it’s Fear of God (but you gotta have patience and wait for the drop). When it comes to leather, real leather is the nicest. In terms of cheaper real leather jackets, direct your attention to All Saints. They have a ton of styles and go for half of what Acne Studios goes for (but if you can afford Acne, you do you). Now, if you gotta dress up or are in the mood for looking nice, throw on some sort of Camel overcoat. It's not your classic winter coat- it's a lot more stylish and will add a really nice element to your fit even with a hoodie underneath. Try looking at Barney's and Daniel Patrick for inspiration on the perfect one. When it comes to bombers, again I recommend Daniel Patrick. He has quite a few different styles of bombers and they're all really really cool.


After all of this, there is a slight chance you'll still be cold. In THAT case, throw on a scarf or a beanie for some added warmth and be sure to wear thick socks. You'll be set for a long while. 

That’s really it though. Super easy, super warm. My favorite combo out of this entire thing is definitely tank, tee, hoodie, and leather but a windbreaker or denim will still look dope. So avoid your heavy winter coats, layer up, and stay warm. I know I will be trying. 

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