FvshionTactics takes to YouTube .


Pascal Gasz, is a 17 year old from Germany , who I previously interview about his personal style and his amazing tumblr feed ( which still is amazing). He is now venturing into fashion in a different media. YouTube. When I asked Gasz , he told me why he thought it was time to start a YouTube channel . 

" I think its the next step, the next level is to take to videos , it is way more creative & it gives you way more possibilities. " 


Pascal is from Germany where he feels like he is the only one doing anything with fashion in this way and he has friends that help his success such as @marcelmika.  

"I think in Germany,  I am the only one that does this, and it is simple... Because I am
 doing this with my friends .. I get their shoes for reviews too, 
but like you saw in the teaser I'm  gonna do way more than normal reviewers. 
I want to show the stuff in action .. shoes, jeans, shirts ,everything people want to see. 
Next week I will recieve yeezys.. Dior derby sneakers and some slps ( Saint Laurant Paris) like very rare stuff. 
Everyone should look what I plan to do .. with a little bit of help at the beginning , this can be big. 
Everyone that helps get us mentioned will help us get popular. It is easy."


Gasz and his friends want to inspire and contrubute to fashion and help people .

 "We are all going to buy our clothes are whole life , cause we love fashion , so there can't be a phase in my youtube channel where nobody has stuff to show .. That is it for the beginning i guess."

Pascal and his " Fvshiontactics" will be working hard to bring many outfit inspirations and will be reviewing some of fashions' trendy-est pieces. 


His tumblr is fvshiontactics.tumblr.com  / insta @pasquiat 

and his YouTube is  : 

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=r-1pekFxJhE / or search fvshiontactics on YouTube. 

This is a great project , I will be looking forward to watch his fashion channel and get great tips and fits. 

Thank you for reading.  

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