Jaffary Garments- The New Collection


"My name is M. Jaffari I live in The Netherlands. Right now I am 24 years old and Run Jaffary Garments since 2012.
I put allot of effort and time in this because this is what i like to do, a few months ago i decided to stop school ( University )  for this.
Right now I am happy how things are going and I have big plans for the future, would like to expand my collections and trying everyday to do my best to get my brands name and image bigger."


"When I was 15 years old , i started collecting sneakers, i liked the the limited editions nike sneakers, specially the nike air max 1 in that time, around this time I also listened alot to Pharrell Williams and Kanye West 50 Cent. A few years later I was a big fan of Mr. West, He had allot of influence on my choice for fashion brands and style etc. So I was into fashion quite early and Always dreamed of having my own brand, I started off small and what i have accomplished by now is definitly not bad at all. I am very happy about it."

Where is your collection available?  

"Right now my new collection  ( Pre fall/winter "14) just released and its available on my website.www.jaffarygarments.com"


What is your personal favorite from your collection?


"My favorite and first piece is the Black Leather zip chain pants, Got sold out everytime I restocked it, right now sold out worldwide. I had this idea a year before I released it, some people think I have copied the SLP pants, but in fact I had this idea in 2012 already sorted out but because of internal difficulties the release got post poned a year. But I am proud of it and allot of people wear it today!"

What do you hope for the fiture of your brand? 

"I hope to affect the fashion world with a positive, creative and unique way, to create products that are really unique never been made before and creativity to the max.Therefore the brands slogan: Creativity and Infinite Possibilities.

For the Future of Jaffary Garments, I hope that all customers will be happy and hopefully get loyal to the brand.

And hope to expand the collection and make the collections bigger and bigger.


Thank you for reading , follow @jaffarygarments and @jaffarym. 


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