Prince In Jeans - In Depth with Nicolas Lauer.

Lanior Denim.

Lanior Denim.

Nicolas Lauer (20) is from Nancy , France . He designs custom denim and tops from his brand Lanior. 

Nicolas is currently working on developing his brand. " It makes 2 or 3 years now in the business now. I try to give all the time I can to this passion. " 





It is hard to find new inspiring things as a designer , when I asked Lauer about where he finds his inspiration , it all seemed so simple. " I'm inspired by everything in life , in the street , on tumblr , on Instagram ..." Lauer takes his surroundings and puts that influence into his designs.  " I need to be inspired by everyone , and I think that is really important." 

Lanior Denim

Lanior Denim




" I am not trying to become famous... And have my picture every where ... I want to hit the world something they have not seen before."  

Lauer is currently building up a collection and is in the design process , but has a very prominent start. " I am trying to build something correctly ... And that is why I take my time... But everything will arrive. "  

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