FvshionTactics - Pascal Gasz.

Pascal Gasz - (17) from Bochrum,  Germany gives us insight into fashion , tumblr , and designer sneakers. 

All images from fvshiontactics.tumblr.com  "My leather biker jacket is an everyday piece" 

All images from fvshiontactics.tumblr.com

"My leather biker jacket is an everyday piece" 

 "Clothing means a lot to me, it's art , expression  , a way to showcase yourself to the fullest. My first real contact with fashion was when I was 13 and I got my first pair of Jordans [ Black Cement 3s ] since then I started to look into fashion. "

What is it like to shoot pictures for a brand?  

"To work with them was flawless for me .. I am happy do stuff like that , I prepare the shootings and get creative... It's great , and motivates me everytime." 

Is your tumblr just you or a big group?  

" Yeah it's hard to tell .. I run the tumblr by myself , I feature my friends from time to time , but only friends that are passioned as much as I am . My friend Marcel Mika (@marcelmika) has been with me since the beginning. "




What is your favorite sneaker at the moment ? 

"Def my Raf Simons Velcro shoes , cause the shoe is the perfect , basic , high fashion mixed with street in one shoe. You can wear them with every fit , they fit perfect , and the leather is awesome ... I love them. "  

Do you see yourself having a future in fashion? 

" I hope so... It's a hard business , so I don't make any big thoughts about it ... But to be a well known blogger or photographer would be great! "  

Where does your style orginate or evolved from ?   

"I guess with time I found my style .. Minimalism is simple and clean , but sometimes a bit of street mixed too. " 

Check out Pascal's tumblr for more from the shoots. Fvshiontactics.tumblr.com and follow him on Instagram @pasquiat. 

Special thank to Pascal Gasz for his insight , thanks for reading.  


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