Vnorthdx- Cliff Ombe talks SOHO and Supreme.

Cliff Ombe - (17) out of New Jersey , Discusses spring essentials , designing , and clothing. 

Cliff Ombe in SOHO 

Cliff Ombe in SOHO 

What is an essential piece in your wardrobe this Spring ?   

" Probably my Ksubi distressed denim jacket because it goes great with almost everything I wear. I like wearing oversized tees with it because it creates a great layering scheme."  

What brand has really been catching your eye ?  

" I really fuck with Bazar-14 , I think there whole look and approach on clothing is awesome "  

What are your favorite stores in SOHO and what is your take on Supreme ? 

" I would have to say vfiles ( @vfiles ) , it's usually where I'm at with my friends ... They always have the newest streetwear clothing .. It's cool rocking clothes no one knows about . I feel [Supreme ] are perfectionist at minimalism , because a lot of their pieces are like basic types of clothing with just their logo on it ... I love Supreme , and I have a substantial amount of clothing from them. "

Sneaker Rotation recently ?  

" I have a 4 way rotation that I go through  - my black and white  Nike AF1's , my Sk8hi Vans  , and my "Bred" 1s. That's honestly all I really need , but I really fuck with Raf's ( Raf Simons ) but don't own any."

If you could by any piece of clothing what would it be ? 

" Probably a Margiela fur coat , just cause it was the first thing to come into my mind."  


Cliff has great style and has great products coming soon. 

Cliff has great style and has great products coming soon. 

What does your brand have planned for the future ?  

" What I can say is that expect a very different approach of how we evaluate things unlike the normal way that normal streetwear brands do. I feed of things that are unconventional and unorthodox and that's how I plan to make my brand succeed. "  

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