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I am back after a brief absence, we have decided to show some more styles and discuss some of the best offers this holiday season. Layering is any fashion lover's dream. Scarves, flannels, coats and sweaters will ultimately elevate your style while keeping you warm. Here are some of the styles to inspire you this winter. 

Sweaters are essential for winter layering. This ensemble from various designers will display the mix of warm and cool tones and the mixing of materials. Wool overcoats dress up the outfit as well and provide quality layering. In this gallery, you will be shown some winter layering from YSL, Kanye West, and others. Some of my suggestions for adding sweaters and overcoats to your wardrobe are listed below.

Acne Studios





Denim is important to endure the cold winter months. I do not suggest rocking jeans with blown out knees, it will be too cold for that, but if your knees can take it, go for it. If you want to buy quality denim I suggest A.P.C. denim, Zara denim, Acne Studious denim, or Represent Clo denim. Mix it up and have a variety of staple pairs that you can rotate. Waxed denim or leather will make your outfit unique as well.

I hope you enjoyed this article, help us out and give us some suggestions. This Winter is about mixing textures and colors. Do not be afraid to mix certain colors, it is time to stand out and stay warm.

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Thank you for reading, we will be back soon. Submit your ideas, or what you would like us to write about to

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