Dillon Hughes : NYC Fashion Blogger.

My name is Dillon Hughes. I’m 18, born and raised in Long Island, New York and now living in New York City. 


 : How did you get into fashion?

"Back in 2009, is when I became really involved with fashion. I started to care about clothing/style, study design, construction of garments, watch fashion shows, and read VogueGQand WWD etc.  The next year I took a fashion design class in my high school (I was the only guy) and classes at FIT to help me grow and improve my skills. The classes and professors really helped me have an insight about the industry, understand fabrics, textures, construction and helped me grow as a creative and person in general."

: How has living in NYC affected you style wise? 

"Living in New York has definitely made my style become more eclectic. People with different backgrounds, personalities and styles are always around you. You’re surrounded by amazing architecture, art, music and design. I take inspiration from everything, from the silhouette of the coat that an old woman is wearing in the subway to the structure of a building on Madison ave."

H&M Jacket and boots, Margiela sweater, topman jeans. 

H&M Jacket and boots, Margiela sweater, topman jeans. 

: Do you see a career in fashion? And what are you doing to work towards your career? 

" I am currently attending LIM College with a major in fashion marketing and a concentration in merchandising. I’m not exactly sure what I’d like to do as a career because there is so many options and areas to explore, but I’m interested in having a career with designing, styling, visual, buying and marketing. Who knows what the future holds."

: What advice do you have for people about style? 

"It sounds cliché to say, but to be you and to take time to really find out who you are as a person and what inspires you, which will help you develop and understand your personal style." 

Saint Laurent boots, Brixton hat.

Saint Laurent boots, Brixton hat.

: What item are you hunting for at the moment? 

"Currently, I’m looking for a black pair of Saint Laurent boots, that’s the one thing I really want. Otherwise, I’m looking for cool pieces for the winter such as knit sweaters, an Acne parka and a BLK DNM bomber."

Saint Laurent boots, John Elliot + co tee. 

Saint Laurent boots, John Elliot + co tee. 

: What made you want to create your blog? (Dillionhughes.com)

"I created my blog for a couple of reasons. I love to write, I love writing about clothing, trends, and fashion in general. I wanted to help out the readers by giving tips, advice and inspiration. It’s also another platform to connect with an audience outside of twitter and instagram and share my passion. I also thought of creating a blog to see how my style has grown, changed and evolved."

: Lastly what does clothing mean to you, and any last thoughts on clothing? 

Vintage Metallica Tee, YSL boots and black denim. 

Vintage Metallica Tee, YSL boots and black denim. 

"Clothing represents a lot of things to me.  The most important meaning to me is that I think it represents expression. Clothing and fashion is wearable emotion, feelings and art. It represents individuality, creativity and who you are."

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Special thanks to Dillon, and thank you for reading.  

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